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The Awareness Party joins with Social Credit
8 August 2018
Chris Leitch and Lisa Er

Awareness party leader Lisa Er and the party’s key personnel have joined Social Credit, and recommended to their members that they do likewise.

In an announcement today, Lisa Er told party members ‘Social Credit is very similar to us, so we are going to personally join with them.”

“You are welcome to do the same and we hope you do.”

“Social Credit has coherent environmental views and doesn’t support the dropping of 1080 or enforcing fluoridation as other parties do.”

“Their main platform is monetary reform, very similar to ours. We must take money creation out of the hands of private banks.”

“All the good work this government is attempting to do would be much more fundable with Social Credit’s financial policy.”

“You may like to listen to this interview on Green Planet FM with Chris Leitch, the leader of Social Credit – the established party that is growing because its time is here.”

“The interview is called ‘is Social Credit heading to be New Zealand’s third political party’.”

“Social Credit was formed in 1953 and has proved it has stickability and commitment to principle and that’s a rare quality in New Zealand politics.”

Social Credit leader Chris Leitch said he was looking forward to working with Lisa and others from the Awareness Party to build a stronger force to counter the neo-liberal economic agenda that Labour and National were wedded to, which had wrought so much havoc to the fabric of New Zealand society.

The results speak for themselves - hundreds sleeping on the streets, in cars, in sheds and garages, hundreds more living in taxpayer funded motel units because they have no homes, full time workers unable to afford their rent.

Our health and education system is in crisis, inequality at its highest level ever, roads, sewage systems, water supply and other infrastructure in disrepair, and our "clean green" country under threat.

Chris Leitch said monetary reform was gaining significant support internationally from economists, professors and commentators, many of whom acknowledged its time is coming.

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