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Photo credit: Augustinus Nathaniel
Social Credit Party policies are based on our fundamental tenets
which are enshrined in our constitution.

Our Fundamental Tenets are:


• The economic, political and social system should be established and built on the foundations of loving care, truth, justice and honest endeavour.


• What is physically possible and desirable for the happiness of humanity can always be financially possible.


• Systems should be made for people, not people for systems; any that fail to serve people should be reformed or discarded.


• The individual is more important than the state. Communism, fascism, and political authoritarianism in any form should be opposed.


• Individual and co-operative enterprise should be the basis of economic organisation. Where state-owned enterprises are necessary or desirable, they should conform to the same conditions and rules as privately owned concerns.


• The proper purpose of industry is the production of goods and not the provision of employment. The proper purpose of production  is consumption. The opportunity for self-development and the enjoyment  of leisure is the true purpose of labour-saving inventions.


• The only way our principles can be implemented is by the reform of the present monetary system, which is the major cause of war, poverty, inflation and many other social problems.

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