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Chris Leitch interviewed

by Aaron Moar

Raglan Community Radio

July 2021

Chris Leitch - Raglan Community Radio July 2021
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Jim Bolger

Former National Prime Minister Jim Bolger

"We need to bring a policy approach to address the enormous economic issues that New Zealand now faces with the Covid19 and all the spending that the government have engaged in - billions of dollars here in New Zealand that were just created by the Reserve Bank. We have to decide whether to follow traditional economics and pay that off over the next 20 years by austerity politics or we actually say we owe it to nobody - we created it, the Reserve Bank has created it, and we write most of it off. That's the policy debate that needs to be had and we need to do it early."

Radio NZ Morning Report 15.07.20

Jim Bolger. Radio NZ Morning Report 15.07.20 -
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Chris Leitch interviewed

by Bryan Vickery

Newstalk ZB Hokonui Taranaki interviews Chris Leitch

June 2020

Dr Winsome Aroha

Excerpts of speech at the Social Credit 2019 AGM.

Wini speaks about health, maori health and the Social Credit whanau.

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Chris Leitch interviewed

by Bryan Bruce

NZPTV - Lockdown day 22

April 2020

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Chris Leitch interviewed by Neale McMillan

Otago Access Radio

April 2020

Pulse Of Politics | Otago Access Radio | Neale McMillan Interview with - Chris Leitch
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​Neale McMillan - Is National any longer the freedom party? Have the Greens become less environmental and more socially activist. If trust is an issue, has Labour delivered on its promises on homelessness and child poverty. And has the public's trust been undermined by the fact that two political parties are under investigation by the Serious Fraud office. For voters it's a confused picture. It's at such times people start looking at options, and so they should.


That's why we're having a fresh look at Social Credit. A party that's previously been in parliament. It's been around for more than 60 years and has never wavered in its policies. We're speaking to Social Credit's leader Chris Leitch.


Chris Leitch interviewed by Neale McMillan

Otago Access Radio

23rd July 2018

Pulse Of Politics | Otago Access Radio | Neale McMillan Interview with - Chris Leitch
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Neale McMillan - It's long been our view that the test of a political party - its resilience, its credibility, its staying power - is determined not just by popular appeal, but by the unwavering support of stalwart members, committed to its principles, philosophy, and policies, and without that it will fold.


So this week we're focussing on a party which has endured for more than 60  years. Known most recently as the Democrats for Social Credit, but now designating itself purely and simply as Social Credit. It also has a new leader. Chris Leitch.

With  the party dropping the Democrats tag and reinstating itself purely as Social Credit how do we read this? As a rebranding or as a new lease of  life?


Chris Leitch interviewed by Lisa Er

Green Planet FM

26th July 2018

Green Planet FM | Lisa Er Interview with - Chris Leitch
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Lisa Er - Neo liberal economics, turned loose on New Zealand by Roger Douglas and Labour in 1985 (and still adhered to by both Labour and National today) has failed.

The results speak for themselves - hundreds sleeping on the streets, in cars, in sheds and garages, hundreds more living in taxpayer funded motel units because they have no homes, full time workers unable to afford their rent, a health system in crisis, inequality at its highest level ever, roads, sewage systems, water supply and other infrastructure in disrepair, our "clean green" country under threat.

We need an economic system that works for people and the country. Such a system exists. It's called Social Credit. It has been tried before in New Zealand and other places and worked brilliantly. It is being increasingly talked about internationally. It could work for us again.

Chris Leitch is Leader of the Social Credit Party and its finance spokesperson, and will share Social Credit’s ideas in this enlightening  interview.

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