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A website dedicated to changing the economic basis on which our country is run.

Find quotes and articles from a host of international and New Zealand economists, professors of economics, and financial commentators, all writing about similar concepts to what Social Credit is promoting.

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Positive Money New Zealand (PMNZ)

PMNZ believes that private banks should not be able to create new money when they make loans. This is an extraordinary privilege which gives the financial sector an unfair and damaging advantage over other businesses. Banks should be restricted to providing current accounts, payment services, lending, and investing money on behalf of their savers. This will lead to a reduction in personal and Government debt, and will help to prevent another financial crisis occurring.

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Positive Money UK

A not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation based in London, that aims to achieve a money and banking system that enables a fair, sustainable and democratic economy. They work with economists, academics, journalists, policy makers and the public. They helped launch the International Movement for Monetary Reform, in order to coordinate with partners around the world.


International Movement for Monetary Reform

The IMMR is an international coalition of nonprofit organisations from across the world, campaigning for a monetary system that serves society. We maintain a very clear and specific aim, namely to change the way money is created and allocated, but we are not dogmatic about the way our proposal is implemented as the details will vary from country to country. To serve this goal, the IMMR supports and connects various national member organisations to share ideas, discuss research and exchange best practices. United in a global movement for monetary reform we look forward to the day when money systems are pillars of a just society in service of sustainability, stability and prosperity.


The Social Credit Secretariat

Through this educational site you can find out more about the origins of Social Credit and its founder Clifford Hugh Douglas. There are answers to 82 questions about Social Credit, it's benefits to people and and how it might work, publications to download, and other resources.


The C.H. Douglas Institute

This is a registered not-for-profit organisation that is committed to furthering Social Credit education and facilitating Social Credit advocacy.

There are many interesting articles, publications to download, and other resources.

The Louis Even Institute for Social Justice

This is Catholic based organisation set up in 1935 by Louis Even. They have a substantial headquarters in Rougemont, Canada and publish a magazine 5 times each year. The pilgrims undertake Social Credit education and work to advance the teachings of Economic Democracy in the population.

There are many interesting articles, publications to download, and other resources.

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