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October 2018 - December 2018
Call For Government Not To Sign Migration Compact
07 Dec 2018
Chris Leitch
Social Credit is calling on the government not to sign the UN sponsored Global Compact on Migration in Morocco in three days time.

It’s time New Zealand stood on its own two feet and demonstrated by its actions that it adheres to values we can be proud of instead of joining a me-two movement promoted by the United Nations that will see us giving up more of our sovereignty over our own decisions. Read More ...

Wage Claim Disruption Easily Fixed
07 Dec 2018
Chris Leitch

The government could head off the avalanche of wage claims that will cause significant disruption for the public, and drive up inflation, by scrapping GST and replacing it with a transactions tax.

The wage claims, from anaesthetists, teachers, public servants, aircraft engineers, and others while justified, have the potential to wreck the economy by kick starting inflation and pushing up interest rates.

Read More ...

Minister's Door Closed on Waste-to-Energy Plants
18 Nov 2018
Chris Leitch

Despite attempts for months by experts in waste-to-energy plants to get an appointment to see her, Green’s Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage has refused all approaches, claiming WtE plants “don’t fit with the government’s waste reduction plans”.

But the German Federal Environment Agency says that “there are several reasons that the claim that waste incineration is thwarting waste prevention efforts is unsustainable’.  Read More ...

Government Should Invest in Waste to Energy Plant
13 Nov 2018
Chris Leitch

The Government should invest in building a waste to energy plant south of Auckland.

Landfills are the least preferable option for rubbish disposal, and with new technologies, waste to energy plants have the potential to be carbon negative.

In addition the government should pass legislation requiring at least 60% of waste to be re-processed by 2025 rather than being dumped into landfills.  Read More ...

Banks Slapped With Wet Bus Ticket By FMA and Reserve Bank
06 Nov 2018
Chris Leitch

The recommendations of the report from the Financial Markets Authority and Reserve Bank into the conduct and culture of 11 New Zealand banks are no more than a slap across the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

The report’s statement that “the regulators identified significant weaknesses in the governance and management of conduct risks” is simply window dressing to make it look like there was an enquiry of some substance, when there was not. Read More ...

John Key's Cynical Pre-emptive Banking Strike
3 Nov 2018
Chris Leitch
John Key’s call for stricter regulations for banks is a cynical and carefully planned pre-emptive strike on behalf of the ANZ and other banks ahead of the release of a report from the Financial Markets Authority and Reserve Bank next week.

As ANZ’s New Zealand chairman and a member of the Australian ANZ board he hopes to be able to argue that “all is well, we have already put in place measures that will address the issues. Read More ...

Winston's Great TPPA Con Job
1 Nov 2018
Chris Leitch
Winston Peters can today celebrate how he got away with the greatest political con job in recent years.

With Australia having now signed the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which triggers its formal activation, Peters, who was the most vocal critic of the deal while in opposition, can now, as Foreign Minister with all the baubles of office, oversee putting it into operation. Read More ...

Barnett's "foolish" statement laughable
20 Oct 2018
Chris Leitch

The statement from Auckland Chamber of Commerce head Michael Barnett that "being afraid of where the money comes from [for the Penlink project] to my mind is foolish” is laughable if only it wasn’t so tragic.

Mr Barnett is advocating that Penlink users pay an additional $700 million in tax (because that is what a toll actually is) over and above the actual cost of building the highway. Read More ...

Chinese Government to Own Penlink Highway
08 Oct 2018
Chris Leitch

If the bid by a Chinese construction company goes ahead, the Chinese Government will effectively finance the Penlink highway and own it for the next 25 years.

This is because the group offering to finance and build it is majority owned by the Chinese Government.  Read More ...

Port Sale A Dumb Decision
05 Oct 2018
Chris Leitch

The Hawke's Bay Regional Council's preferred option of selling off nearly half the shares in the port is a dumb decision, the equivalent of the best restaurant in town selling off its kitchen so it can extend the dining room.

In an address to a meeting in Napier, party leader Chris Leitch said the loss of half its income from the port would make rates rises a certainty.  Read More ...

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