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Government Would Find Money If War Was Declared
11 July 2018
Chris Leitch


If America declared war on Russia, North Korea, or Iran and called on New Zealand to assist, Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters’ government would immediately find the money necessary to provide the resources our armed forces required.

Mr Peters’ claim that there is no money to increase the offer to nurses is patently untrue.

If we were at war, there would be no limit to the money made available to kill people.

And he can find $12 million dollars every single day to pay interest to the private banks the government has borrowed from.

How is it he can't find the funds to ensure doctors and nurses save lives!

Obviously we have the resources, so why is an accounting system stopping them being used?

He could solve the nurses strike overnight by borrowing from the Reserve Bank, just like the Japanese government is doing.

The Reserve Bank can create the credit for the loans in the same way the Australian owned private banks do.

As economic commentator Bernard Hickey says “that's the dirty little secret of international finance”.

Putting bombs and bankers ahead of doctors and nurses shows that the economic policies of Labour and NZ First are no better from National’s.

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