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Call For Government Not To Sign Migration Compact
07 Dec 2018
Chris Leitch

Social Credit is calling on the government not to sign the UN sponsored Global Compact on Migration in Morocco in three days time.

It’s time New Zealand stood on its own two feet and demonstrated by its actions that it adheres to values we can be proud of instead of joining a me-two movement promoted by the United Nations that will see us giving up more of our sovereignty over our own decisions.

We once stood proudly and demonstrated our commitment to the rest of the world on anti-nuclear legislation yet we’re now becoming just followers.

New Zealand would be hypocritical to sign a document that requires the signatories to invest in sustainable development in potential migrants own countries so that they can lead peaceful, productive and sustainable lives, when it can’t meet those goals in its own country.

There are policy goals on education, health, access to decent employment, and economic, social and environmental conditions that allow people to improve their lives and meet their aspirations.

Tens of thousands of Kiwis would dearly love to live in conditions that match those policy goals.

While the compact is supposedly non-binding, countries that sign the compact are clearly indicating they intend to apply its provisions – otherwise what reason would they have for signing?

The government should not be considering an expensive taxpayer funded trip to a convention anywhere in the world, to sign a non-binding agreement with conditions we can’t meet in our own country, when that money would be better spent on feeding and housing New Zealanders.

New Zealand needs a government that will scrap the neo-liberal economic ideology that both National and Labour adhere to, and implements an alternative like social credit that has a chance of meeting the policy goals the agreement proposes.

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