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Score Card for Adrian Orr

25 November 2022

It's that time of the year when teachers are writing pupils’ end of year reports.

It’s something reporters do too for our politicians and cabinet ministers but perhaps it's something we should do for government departments and others who are supposed to provide taxpayer funded services for the public.

Given the current inflation crisis and its contribution to it, maybe we should start with the Reserve Bank and its governor, Adrian Orr, especially as he has just been reappointed for another five year term, and conceded he’s purposely creating a recession.

In 2020, when the need to support incomes became patently clear, the government stepped in with its wage subsidy scheme. Helicopter money and other income support options were floated.

Economists like Ganesh Nana, now head of the Productivity Commission, and Geoff Bertram, politicians like Jim Bolger and former Finance Minister Michael Cullen, and commentators like Bernard Hickey, were all proposing ideas that just a few short months earlier would have been unthinkable. (More here -

Those ideas were not unknown, or untried, just not talked about in the Neo Liberal economic environment our economy has been operating in.

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