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I have heard of Social Credit, can you tell me what it means?


Simply put, "social credit" means the "community's money". It is a system where the money supply of the nation is owned and controlled by that nation through democratic means.


The basis of all Social Credit policy is its philosophy of the importance of the individual citizen. In our view, systems should exist to serve people, not people for systems. We oppose all forms of monopoly, state or corporate. We support private enterprise. We advocate a financial mechanism to make this possible.


Over time, the right to manufacture and own most of our money supply has fallen into the hands of the financial institutions, which forces us continually further into debt. Social Credit would return this right to create our money to the people via the Reserve Bank.


Social Credit promotes a system whereby the money supply is controlled by an independent authority for the benefit of everyone, thus ensuring full enjoyment of the nation's production. It contrasts with the present system, operated to benefit a select few. If required, it could also ensure full employment.


Credit (money), now created by the trading banks as debt to society, would only be created by the Reserve Bank and first put into circulation debt-free. Some of this could be used to finance infrastructure and thus reduce taxes and local rates.


The present debt system is the main cause of problems in funding health, education and other services, and in not allowing full employment of those who want to work.



Currently just over 98% of our money supply has been lent to us to use, for varying periods of time, at high rates of interest, by privately owned  banks. All but a few of these banks are overseas owned and controlled.  Just over 1.67% of our nation's money supply consists of notes and coins which have been government issued to us to use without any interest being charged.

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