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Why does Social Credit always talk about banking, debt and money?


We talk about banking, debt, and money because these three topics are involved in every aspect of our lives.


What does anyone go out to work for or strive to earn?  What do we spend much of our time talking about when we get together?  What is the main topic in any business meeting?


It is a vital factor in almost all our activities. It must be managed for the benefit of the community, not the corporations who have seized monopoly control of it.


It dominates all our lives. The banking system uses debts to control  people. "He that pays the piper calls the tune". By eliminating sources of debt we will give people greater freedom to live fuller lives, e.g.  reduced need for double incomes to pay for mortgages.


We believe money was first developed as a tool to improve the process of buying and selling. Through the development of our banking  system and the associated debt it has created money has become our master and not, as it should be, our servant.


Manpower, resources and environmental considerations should be the limiters on our ability to provide the necessary health, education, road and rail systems, water reticulation, sewage systems etc, not access to money.

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