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What is the Guaranteed Basic Income, or National Dividend?


A basic income guaranteed to those that need it at a level where people will live in dignity is part of our policy. As we remove the effects of debt, so that our economy shows a "profit", we can gradually introduce a National Dividend.


There are forces in the economy that push prices up beyond the level people can afford to pay. Debt levels currently are so high, that new money created will have to be used at first to fund infrastructure and to replace debt and reduce taxation. As the economy is healed, it will be  possible to pay a National Dividend to citizens. As with a commercial  concern, the amount paid will depend on the state of the economy in any year.


Over many generations, New Zealanders and their forbears, using skills, knowledge and resources, developed over the ages, have built this country and developed its assets.


We believe that everyone living in New Zealand should enjoy a return on those assets as a shareholder in New Zealand. Every New Zealander will receive the dividend.


The return will be in the form of a small income paid into each individual's account at a New Zealand owned banking organisation.


The current targeted benefit system will be progressively reduced as the National Dividend payment reaches the levels necessary for a basic income.

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