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Overseas trade is the life blood of the economy and should be supported where it brings benefit to all New Zealanders. Any trade treaties that undermine the ability of the government to protect the interests of New Zealanders or threaten our sovereignty will be re-negotiated or withdrawn from.


To achieve those aims Social Credit will:


• Ensure trade policies benefit all New Zealanders


• Maintain an open market and fair access trade environment so long as that benefits New Zealanders

• Set up reciprocal and bilateral trading arrangements


• Open and operate export credit accounts with countries wishing to trade with New Zealand on a bilateral (counter-trading) basis so that trade may proceed unhampered by balance of payments problems. This would ensure that trade policies are based on the principle of mutual economic benefit.

• Work to set up an International Clearing Union so export credit accounts can be used for trading among its members, and nations working together can better manage world trade and investment flows.

• Put in place a Reserve Bank exchange rate policy promoting production in New Zealand

• Classify some imports as non-essential imports, to protect jobs and production in New Zealand

• Encourage diversification of New Zealand production – real choices


• Withdraw from any trade deals that restrict New Zealand's control over its own sovereignty


Social Credit will not be bound by treaties entered into without a mandate from Parliament or the people of New Zealand.

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