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Time for mandates to be scrapped

08 February 2022

by Chris Leitch, Leader

It’s time the government told New Zealanders the truth. Mandates don’t work and the unvaccinated are not villains.

The protest convoy that arrived in Wellington today is just a small representation of the thousands of New Zealanders fed up with being dictated to by a government that has imposed, on the team of five million, mandates and passport requirements that have been proven conclusively not to work.

National, Act, and the Greens are no better as they also support mandates.

If the people bringing Omicron into New Zealand were unvaccinated there might be some reason to keep those restrictions going, but they’re not.

To get on a plane those travellers had to be fully jabbed and have had a negative test yet they still brought Omicron with them.

The hundreds who attended the Soundsplash music concert in Hamilton could only get in if they produced passports proving their fully jabbed status, yet the virus spread across the country as a result of them returning home.

England, Denmark, and Ireland have scrapped all restrictions having realised that vaccinations status has no bearing on transmission or infection.

Many experts agree that getting jabbed won’t stop people getting Covid-19 and it won’t stop them spreading the illness, a fact confirmed by local and international evidence.

Council of Medical Colleges Chair Dr John Bonning confirmed that in an interview on TV3 News way back in September, saying “The vaccine won’t stop you completely getting the illness and it won’t stop you spreading the illness”.

The Prime Minister and the Director General of Health have publicly voiced the same view.

A study in the Lancet (See link below) in October had some key takeaways, including:

(1) “Fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.”

 (2) Secondary attack rate [SAR – how well the first infected person infected other people in the household] was 41% among unvaccinated and 38% in fully vaccinated contacts; (nearly identical).

Therefore there is virtually no greater risk associated with a person who is unvaccinated and does not have Covid, notwithstanding the misleading statements by our politicians that the unvaccinated are a significant threat to the vaccinated, supposedly justifying locking them out society, denying them the ability to work, and splitting up families and friendships.

Mandates don’t work, they’re unnecessary, and an assault on human rights and liberties that is over the top, out of all proportion to the risk, and cannot be justified.

It’s time they were scrapped.

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