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Government should tell the truth on vaccine mandates

13 Oct 2021

by Chris Leitch, Leader

It’s time the government told New Zealanders the truth.

Both National and Labour are supporting mandated vaccines and vaccine passports because they’re knee deep in cow pats over their appalling lack of investment in health care.

While they were both gung ho on spending big money on vanity projects such as the Auckland Harbour walking and cycling bridge and flag referendum, the country’s health system was reaching code black status – on the brink of being overwhelmed - even before Covid 19 appeared on the horizon.

That under investment in health was patently obvious with people in Christchurch needing a charity hospital to get operations they deserve, people in Invercargill raising money for a charity hospital so they could get cancer treatment and kids in Wellington needing a private property developer to build them a children’s hospital.

Having 80 highly qualified immigrant doctors currently unable to get jobs in the sector is another major embarrassment.

The plan to upgrade an unused medical wing in Christchurch to establish a unit with only 32 beds to provide care for Covid patients across the whole South Island is a poor substitute for real investment in health care for South Islanders and shows under-investment thinking still pervades.

Experts agree that vaccination won’t stop people getting Covid-19 and it won’t stop them spreading the illness, a fact confirmed by local and international evidence.

Council of Medical Colleges Chair Dr John Bonning confirmed that in an interview on TV3 News September 11th “The vaccine won’t stop you completely getting the illness and it won’t stop you spreading the illness”.

The Prime Minister and the Director General of Health have publicly voiced the same view.

Therefore there is no risk associated with a person who is unvaccinated and does not have Covid, notwithstanding the misleading statements by our politicians that the unvaccinated are a significant threat to the vaccinated, supposedly justifying locking out the unvaccinated from society and denying them the ability to work.

That being the case, mandating vaccination is unnecessary.

It is an assault on human rights and liberties that is over the top, out of all proportion to the risk, and cannot be justified.

Instead of putting all its eggs in the one vaccine basket and repeating other countries mistakes the government should jump ahead to implement other treatment options that have been proven in Asia, India, and South America to reduce the load on hospital emergency departments.

The funding to deliver vastly improved health outcomes could be sourced from the Reserve Bank which has the capacity to create the money needed without costing taxpayers a single additional dollar.

Here's the background to our position:-

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