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Mallard's use of tax payer funds means a young mother will die

23 December 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

A young mother will die this Christmas because Trevor Mallard falsely accused a parliamentary staffer of sexual abuse and made taxpayers foot the bill for the legal action and claim settlement.

While Mr Mallard will enjoy a lovely Christmas with friends and family the young father and his children will have a miserable Christmas, he without his loving wife and the children without their mother. Read more ...


Suggestion that ANZ action is in best interests of customers is laughable

16 December 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Suggestions by former ANZ Economist Cameron Bagrie that his former employer’s move to implement 40% Loan to Value restrictions shows it  is thinking of the best interests of customers would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

The last thing the ANZ bank is doing is thinking of its customers. Read more ...​


Orr challenged to prove he's right on housing

13 December 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit leader Chris Leitch is calling for Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr to prove he’s right in his claims the Bank is not responsible for the staggering 20 per cent boom in house prices.
“He could do that by stopping the flow of newly created money the Reserve Bank is shovelling into the vaults of the commercial banks who are using it as a base to create new money to lend for housing”. Read more ...

Treasury and Reserve Bank suggest Social Credit solution

26 November 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

We challenge the government to take up the Monetary Financing option presented to it in an aide-memoire, titled “Quantitative Easing and Monetary Financing Compared”, back in May.

The report, jointly written by Treasury and the Reserve Bank, was presented to Finance Minister Grant Robertson and lays out the benefits of monetary finance and quantitative easing or QE. Read more ...


Labour signs another lame duck agreement

16 November 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Just as it did after the 2017 general election Labour has signed another lame duck
agreement following years of behind closed doors negotiation.
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a lame duck agreement for several important reasons.
It was negotiated and signed without any debate with New Zealanders who, just like with the TPPA, will have no influence on the shape of the agreement or the final legislation that puts it in place. Most people had no idea it was even being negotiated. Read more

ACT should invite Billy Te Kahika to join

06 November 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

ACT Leader David Seymour is taking up the mantle of conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika with his latest pronouncement that “Labour’s latest plan to expand the role of the government in the economy is communism by stealth”.The two are clearly singing from the same song sheet and should be in the same party. Read more ...


Ban junk food advertising on television

12 October 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Big spending announcements by the major parties have ignored the real problems the country needs to front up to, Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch says.
One of the biggest heading our way is the freight train of obesity.
Successive governments have ignored calls from the likes of Professor Boyd Swinburn, and others, to take action on this health disaster that’s already on our doorstep. Read more ...


Gov't should wipe all DHB slates clean

02 October 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The government’s decision to write off the debt for the Canterbury District Health Board has been applauded by Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch.
It is what we called for at the end of August.
The crisis at the Canterbury District Health Board highlights the stupidity of health boards being in debt to the government and requiring them to pay a 6 per cent capital charge for the land and buildings hospitals occupy.
The capital charge is currently twenty four times higher than the official cash rate of 0.25 per cent. Read more ...


Four year term self-serving power grab

01 October 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Suggestions by the two J’s on the Leader’s Debate that they both favour a four year parliamentary term are simply a self serving attempt to further entrench the two party dominance of New Zealand’s political scene.This is a classic example of the two old parties working together in an effort to keep other parties out of the political game.Just as in the 1992 Tamaki by-election when Labour turned its entire canvassing data over to National when polls showed that the Alliance was likely to take the formerly safe seat off National. Read more ...


6,000 homeless in motels a national disgrace

30 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

It is a national disgrace that 6,000 Kiwis are being accommodated in motels, and a further 7,000 were in transitional housing, camping grounds, boarding houses, and other temporary accommodation.
Another 31,000 are staying with others in a severely crowded dwelling.
Even middle income earners are finding it difficult to afford an accessible and decent home with often 60 to 80 percent of household income going on paying the rent. Read more ...

Former Aussie Treasurer, Paul Keating, backing Social Credit

28 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Former Australian Treasurer, Paul Keating, is backing Social Credit’s call for New Zealand’s central bank to buy government bonds directly from Treasury instead of on the secondary market.
In a letter to Australian media, he criticised Australian Reserve Bank officials for lacking the courage to break with economic orthodoxy to allow monetary financing of deficit spending, and said they are too concerned about what other central bankers would think if Australia went down that path. Read more ...


Social Credit condemns Assange show trial

25 September 2020

by Amanda Vickers, candidate for Otaki

The show trial for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange bears all the hallmarks of one that might be expected in China or Russia, not one by New Zealand's allies, the UK and the US.

Social Credit strongly condemns the action and contends Assange should be released immediately and receive full compensation. The foundations of the justice system have been compromised on multiple levels and the Rule of Law sidelined. Read more ...


Controversial Westland Milk sale goes to court 

11 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The Government’s involvement in the controversial decision to approve the sale of Westland Milk Products to a company wholly owned by Chinese conglomerate Inner Mongolian Yili will be under the spotlight in the High Court next week.

The hearing of Social Credit’s judicial review of last year’s Overseas Investment Office decision to approve the sale is set to start on Monday September 14th.

Read more ...

TV debate criteria condemned

09 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The just announced TVNZ change to the criteria for its election debates is unjust, unfair, and an affront to voters.
To serve real democracy, it should be giving all serious political parties the opportunity to put their views in front of voters.
At the launch of her book "Promises Promises - 80 years of wooing New Zealand voters" last year, Massey University professor of communication design Claire Robinson pointed out that "New ideas don't come from the centre where National and Labour reside but from the margins which are the home of the smaller parties." Read more ...

Collins challenged on debt repayment

05 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit Party leader Chris Leitch has challenged National Leader Judith Collins to spell out how her party intends to repay what she termed the “significant” amount of debt taken out by the Coalition Government.
In her speech to the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce on Friday she said “What is really important to us is that we do pay our bills”, so New Zealanders deserve to know how a National government will do that.
Will it raise taxes? Read more ...


Auditor General Investigation

02 September 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit has asked the auditor general to investigate the possible misuse
of taxpayer-funded Parliamentary Services money for election campaigning
by National's Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti.
The request for the investigation cites a series of newspaper adverts in the
Northern Advocate and Whangarei Leader newspapers, many of which are
full page size. Read more ...


Outdoors party candidate resigns and joins Social Credit

27 August 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The Northland electorate candidate for the Outdoors Party has resigned and joined Social Credit. Brad Flutey had already attended one public meeting as the Outdoors Party candidate.
He was one of the early candidates selected by the Outdoors Party and had been writing a comprehensive 80 page policy document to extend its previously limited policy offering. In the course of researching policies of other parties he came across Social Credit. Read more ...


Tax Payers' Union Promotes Social Credit Policy

25 August 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The Taxpayers’ Union has started promoting Social Credit policy in the run up to this year's general election.
On Friday it put out an email to all its supporters calling for the adoption of Recall - a process that would enable voters to force elected representatives to stand down and face a by-election.
Recall, along with Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda has been a central plank of Social Credit policy for more than forty years. Read More ...


Capital Charge Regime Must Go

21 August 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The crisis at the Canterbury District Health Board highlights the stupidity of health boards being in debt to the government and requiring them to pay a capital charge for the land and buildings hospitals occupy.
While the problem may not be of the Labour Coalition government’s making, it is one that they could solve in a matter of minutes. Read more ...

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