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Universal superannuation for seniors is a rightful return on the investment they have made to the nation in the past, and allows equality, inclusion and participation. Many active and valuable ‘post-employed’ contribute the equivalent of billions of dollars to the nation’s economy every year through extensive and essential volunteer work. They have earned the right to live with dignity, comfort, security, and a good quality of life.

Social Credit will achieve that aim by:


• Improving on the present superannuation entitlements

• Ensuring a fully funded, comprehensive health care system is readily available to all

• Providing access to affordable amenities and utilities

• Providing low interest loans for suitable buildings and facilities for leisure activity

• Having safe, affordable, reliable public transport

• Implementing a publicly funded system of aged care

• Having full consultation with seniors on the form and implementation of that care

• An extension of Community Policing to ensure all seniors feel safe where they live


• Granting Superannuation at 60 until the Adequate Living Income is introduced. After that the current superannuation scheme will be unnecessary


* Ensuring there is adequate, safe and comfortable housing for seniors


• Recognising the value of contributions made by seniors, both during their working lives and through volunteer efforts after retirement


Contact: Heather M. Smith, Seniors Advocate  


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