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Part of Reclaim Our Future is contained

in our Reclaim Our Well-being proposal which is outlined separately here

Our Reclaim Our Land proposal will 

reclaim New Zealand's sovereignty and can be viewed here

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The world's first fully-funded plan to reclaim our 

environmental and social well-being

and secure the future of our country and

future generations who will live in it


Every year banks create more than $20 billion of new money 


We’ll change that, so the government owned Reserve Bank

issues that money instead


Government, at no cost, will get first use of that


$20 billion every year to do more things for kiwis


That money will end up being used in the economy just as it is now

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This is what

we will do

This is where money comes from now

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New Zealand's

Government-owned bank will create

$20 billion every year


Private banks create

$20 billion every year

$20 billion spent

$20 billion lent

NZ economy

For people and business

RBNZ money will replace private bank money. Then, at no cost to taxpayers, government will get 

first use of $20 billion every year to spend on more things for kiwis.


$20 billion 

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