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Regional Development

Social Credit will reverse the decline in rural communities caused by loss of services through population drift to the cities. We aim to make doing business in the regions possible and profitable.

We will achieve this by:


• Ensuring basic services, amenities and employment are available in every region, thereby aiding the reverse of population drift to urban centres


• Upgrading roads and bridges, which will remain in public ownership


• Re-establishing a Local Authorities Loans Board to decide, with community consultation, the priority of capital works in the region

• Implementing voter-approved local body initiatives, funded by Reserve Bank grants, nil interest and low interest loans through the Community Credit Programme

• Supporting regional flood control, soil conservation, energy conservation and water quality projects, funded by the Community Credit Programme

• Processing primary produce close to the source, enhancing job opportunities and helping reverse the drift to cities

• Using modern information technologies, enabling businesses to decentralise

• Making services available to regions at no financial disadvantage, including the reinstatement of an appropriate South Island electricity price differential

• Ensuring full consultation with communities on regional development projects that affect them



Chris Leitch, Leader, Regional Development Spokesman


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