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June 2018 - October 2018
Call To Remove Fuel Taxes
03 Oct 2018
Chris Leitch

Social Credit is calling on the government to remove all taxes on fuel.

In an address to a meeting in Whanganui, party leader Chris  Leitch said the high price of fuel was strangling small to medium sized businesses and putting undue pressure on the budgets of low and middle income families.  Read More ...

No Globalist Agenda
30 Sept 2018
Chris Leitch

"The Prime Minister's address to the United Nations has put her, and the Government's mulit-lateral globalist agenda front and centre. That's not an agenda that Social Credit agrees with", party leader Chris Leitch said in an address to the party's Waikato Regional meeting in Hamilton yesterday.  Read More ...

Taxation Group Report A Major Disappointment
20 Sept 2018
Chris Leitch

The report of Michael Cullen’s Taxation Working Group is a major disappointment.

It is bereft of innovative ideas, signals increasing bureaucracy, and is a regurgitation of outdated tax concepts.

Rather than focussing its attention on speculators, money market manipulators, and those who make money from non-productive sources, it has recommended that small businesses, farmers, and ordinary Kiwi’s trying to get ahead should be hit with yet more tax.  

Read More ...

The Awareness Party joins with Social Credit
8 August 2018
Chris Leitch and Lisa Er
Awareness party leader Lisa Er and the party’s key personnel have joined Social Credit, and recommended to their members that they do likewise.

In an announcement today, Lisa Er told party members ‘Social Credit is very similar to us, so we are going to personally join with them.” Read More ...

Government Pays Out Counterfeiters
05 Aug 2018
Chris Leitch

The government has put paying out counterfeiters ahead of children’s education and health care on its list of priorities.

With a nurses strike already having disrupted hospitals and a teachers strike looming those priorities urgently need to change.

According to Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, “When banks extend loans to customers, they create money by crediting their customer’s accounts”.  Read More ...

Easy Fix For Avalanche of Wage Claims
22 July 2018
Chris Leitch

The government could head off the avalanche of wage claims that is coming  at them like a runaway freight train by scrapping GST and replacing it with a financial transactions tax.

The wage claims, from nurses, teachers, police, IRD and MBIE staff, and  others, have the potential to wreck the economy by kick starting inflation and pushing up interest rates. Read More ...

Government Would Find Money If War Was Declared
11 July 2018
Chris Leitch

If America declared war on Russia, North Korea, or Iran and called on New Zealand to assist, Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters’ government would immediately find the money necessary to provide the resources our armed forces required.

Mr Peters’ claim that there is no money to increase the offer to nurses is patently untrue. Read More ...

Yet Another Party Dashes Kiwi's Hopes
09 July 2018
Chris Leitch

The demise of the Opportunities Party is another example of a rich  entrepreneur having “a go” at politics without any real commitment to a philosophy or core policy.

Gareth Morgan joins a long list of similar people who thought money was going to buy them an easy road into parliament and who gave up when the going  got tough. Read More ...

Petrol Taxes A Needless Roundabout
01 July 2018
Chris Leitch

The combination of petrol tax increases and a higher families package is a needless roundabout that will be self cancelling for some households and unnecessarily expensive for many others.

The petrol taxes will have a double whammy effect by also raising the price of food and most other goods as freight companies and shops seek to recover their additional costs.  Read More ...

There Is More Money For Nurses
24 June 2018
Chris Leitch

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim that any new pay offer to nurses “would have to be made using funds already allocated, as there's no more” is nonsense, according to new Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch.

Mr Robertson’s understanding of how the money system works is patently paper thin, and he’s relying on what advisers in Treasury, who have been sourced from the private banking industry, are telling him. Read More ...

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