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December 2018 - May 2019


Robertson's Budget $6 billion Short

20 May 2019

Chris Leitch

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s budget later this month could have contained an additional $6 billion in spending without costing taxpayers a single cent more, Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch told the party’s Canterbury Regional conference yesterday. Read more...


Robertson would rather pay bankers than teachers

15 May 2019

Chris Leitch

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim that ‘there is simply no more money to go into the [education] sector” is a lie, according to Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch.

I challenge him to explain why he would rather pay $6,000,000,000 dollars every year to bank shareholders and PPP scheme financiers, yet refuse teachers, support staff, and principals the funding needed to provide our children with the best education possible.

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Banks should pass on the full amount of OCR cut

9 May 2019

Chris Leitch

The Social Credit party is calling on the country’s banks to pass on to borrowers the full amount of yesterday's cut in the OCR rate by the Reserve Bank.

At a time when banks are making more profit then they ever have, despite tightening economic conditions, they should not be holding back some of the OCR cut to further increase their already massive profits. Read more ...

Social Credit condemns Ecuador's capitulation over Julian Assange

14 April 2019

Chris Leitch

Social Credit is calling on all New Zealand’s political parties to join it in condemning Ecuador’s capitulation on asylum for Julian Assange and it’s handing him over to British authorities. Read more ...

National responsible for health crisis
11 April 2019
Chris Leitch

The National Party is responsible for the greatest health crisis the country has ever faced.

The Sunday programme on TV One highlighted a crisis in maternal health care that providers of mental health services clearly identified as caused by a major lack of funding. Read More ... 


Claims by Waste Management are rubbish
2 April 2019
Chris Leitch

Claims by Waste Management that Auckland needs a new waste disposal site are rubbish.

While it is true that the current site at Redvale is approaching its use by date, landfills are a third world option for rubbish disposal while waste to energy plants have the potential to be carbon negative and ecologically sound.

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Tax working group recommendations like cold porridge
20 Feb 2019
Chris Leitch

The report of Michael Cullen's tax working group will be about as innovative and forward looking as a bowl of yesterday's cold porridge.
It will be as complicated to work through, and the recommendations will leave as unpleasant an after-taste for the vast majority of New Zealanders.  Read More ...

English group should be shipped out in 24 hours
16 Jan 2019
Chris Leitch

The Minister of Immigration should find a way to deport, within 24 hrs, the English group wrecking a trail of havoc across the country.

The suggestion that they should have 14 days to appeal the deportation notice to Immigration NZ and a further 28 days before a further appeal is a nonsense. Read More ...

Kiwis Should Move Their Accounts to a NZ Owned Bank
1 Jan 2019
Chris Leitch
 Kiwis should make a New Year’s resolution to move their bank accounts to Kiwibank, or one of the other wholly owned New Zealand banks, said Social Credit Leader Chris Leitch.

New Year is the ideal time for Kiwis to display some patriotism, and get themselves out of the clutches of the overseas owned banks. Read More ...

National Hypocrites Over Surf Lifesaving Funding
23 Dec 2018
Chris Leitch

The National Party’s launch of a petition calling for government funding for surf lifesavers is one of the most hypocritical actions by a political party in recent memory.

National had nine years in government during which it could have done exactly what the petition is calling for, but it didn’t.

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