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Helensville Candidate Selection Announcement

11 Dec, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit has chosen a 21 year old as its candidate for the new Helensville electorate.

Callan Neylon is the first of the party’s candidates to be selected for next year’s general election.

He has a particular interest in ecology and set up an environmental group at Bream Bay College in Ruakaka where he was a prefect and house captain, and he has a Certificate in Horticulture from Northtec.

Mr Neylon is strongly opposed to the Chinese Government owned Waste Management Ltd proposal to build a potentially toxic landfill in the Dome Valley, which is just south of Wellsford and in the new Helensville electorate. Read more ...

Banks' Higher Capital Requirements A Breath of Fresh Air

05 Dec, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

The Reserve Bank's proposals for banks to hold higher capital ratios is a breath of fresh air and long overdue.

If the Global Financial Crisis, and the Australian Royal Commission demonstrated anything, it was that banks are happy to make questionable decisions to provide their shareholders (in NZ’s case mostly American banks) with maximum profits as long as taxpayers are there to bail them out if they get into trouble. Read More ...

Govt should cancel Westpac contract

28 Nov, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

The contract with Westpac bank to provide all the government's transactional banking services should be cancelled following the revelations of the last few weeks regarding the bank's flagrant disregard of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism regulations in Australia. Read More ...

Dairyworks Takeover should be Ministers’ Decision

27 Nov, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

Ministers should accept responsibility for the final decision on the takeover of the second largest cheese maker in New Zealand, Dairyworks and not hide under the skirts of the Overseas Investment Office.

The $112 million takeover bid is by Synlait - owned 39% by the provincial government of Shanghai and therefore ultimately the government of China. Synalit also purchased Talbot Forest Cheeses earlier this year, which gives it a dominant position in the manufacture of New Zealand cheese.

“Having over 50 percent of the country’s cheese making capacity in the hands of an overseas owned company registered in the Cayman Islands does not provide the "substantial and identifiable” benefit for New Zealand ” Chris Leitch says. Read More ...

New Boundaries Generate Call for Electoral System Re-Vamp

20 Nov, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit is calling for a complete revamp of the electoral system.

The release of the proposed new electoral boundaries is an appropriate time to consider whether our electoral system is fit for purpose or needs a complete revamp.

MMP is not a system designed to provide voters with power in a democracy but one that is designed to provide party hierarchies with list MPs to use as cannon fodder to support their own pet positions on numerous issues. Read More ...

Labour goes back to the future on asset sales

15 Nov, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

The party that sold off the BNZ, NZ Rail, Petrocorp, Postbank, the Shipping Corporation, Air New Zealand, the State Insurance Office, the Tourist Hotel Corporation and a host of other New Zealand assets is at it again – with the assistance of its coalition partners NZ First and the Greens.

Despite a commitment in its policy to “keep forestry in New Zealand hands by requiring the sale of logging rights on land over 50 hectares to be approved by the Overseas Investment Office for overseas purchasers”, Labour is facilitating the sale of thousands of hectares of farmland to overseas forestry companies and by-passing the Overseas Investment Office in the process. Read more ...

Call For Rural Psychological Support Fund

5 Nov, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit is calling on the government to establish a $5 million dollar rural support fund to provide psychological and financial support for farmers facing bankruptcy or forced sale of their properties as a result of its proposals on environmental, greenhouse gas, and water quality standards.

The government has an immense budget surplus, the majority of which has been provided as income tax, GST, and other taxes, by the agricultural sector, and it has a responsibility to use some of that surplus to support farming families under stress as a result of its actions. Read more ...

Fire water discharge amazing double standard

25 Oct, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

The discharge of water from the SkyCity convention centre fire into the Waitemata Harbour is the most amazing double standard the country has seen in a long time.

For authorities to say that the water might have been too toxic to put into Auckland's wastewater system, ‘so we're just going to pump it into the harbour instead’ is simply not good enough. Read more ...

Green Party “Dinosaurs on Waste Management"

9 Oct, 2019

From Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit leader Chris Leitch claims the Greens are the ‘dinosaurs’ of the international green movement with their stance over the proposed new rubbish dump for Auckland.

He said the Green Party supported the stance of Land information Minister Eugenie Sage over her granting of Overseas Investment Office consent for Chinese government owned Waste Management Ltd to purchase 1000 hectares of prime land in the Dome Valley for the new tip site.

With her other hat on ... Read more ...

Westland Milk sale judicial review

1st Oct 2019

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

Social Credit has filed papers in the High Court in Wellington to seek judicial review of the Overseas Investment Office decision to grant approval for the takeover of Westland Milk Products by Chinese conglomerate Inner Mongolian Yili.
That company is the largest milk processor in China and is 25% owned by the Chinese government. Read more ...

One simple action could save Fonterra

27 Sept 2019

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

Fonterra’s announcement of its massive loss, and its need to sell a host of assets should rouse the government from sleeping at the wheel as it did over Westland Milk, to re-enact a simple, no cost solution to Fonterra’s financial woes.
Instead of sitting on its hands and watching a big chunk of the New Zealand economy dive bombing headfirst into a major crash, it should put in place an arrangement similar to one the first Labour government did in 1936. Read more ...

Money week survey result eye opener

26 Sept 2019

From Amanda Vickers, Deputy Leader

Social Credit is calling on the Commission for Financial Capability to include information on how money originates, on their website and in their educational programmes. Read more ...

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