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May 2019 - July 2019

ANZ’s exit would be the best thing since sliced bread

7th July 2019

Chris Leitch - Leader

ANZ's offer to pull out of the New Zealand banking market would be the best thing since sliced bread.

It should be welcomed with open arms by the Government and the Reserve Bank and a timetable put in place for its exit.

Read more ...

Government Should Stop Sitting On Its Hands

6th July 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit is calling on the government to stop sitting on its hands and take an active part in protecting New Zealand's dairy processing industry from complete foreign takeover.

The decision by Westland Milk farmers to sell their shares ... Read more ...

Call for Federated Farmers President to Step Down

4th July 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit Party leader, Chris Leitch, is calling for Federated Farmers President Katie Milne to step down following her statement that the sale of Westland Milk Products to a Chinese conglomerate was an "absolutely stunning" result for West Coast farmers. Read more ...

Westland Shareholders Urged Not To Sell

3rd July 2109

Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit is urging farmers attending the Westland Milk shareholders meeting tomorrow to vote against the sale of the company to Chinese government owned Yili.

Yili has access to unlimited sums of money from China's central bank which allows it to make the kind of offer it has for Westland, while West Coast farmers are being hung out to dry by their own government. Read more...

Banks Crying "Wolf" Over Higher Capital Requirements

2nd July 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit is accusing the Australian owned banks of crying ‘wolf’ over the Reserve Bank's proposals for banks to hold higher capital ratios.

Party leader Chris  Leitch says any extra costs involved in the higher capital ratios should not be passed on to consumers nor should they hurt the economy. Read more ...

Westland Vote Death Knell For NZ Dairy Ownership

1st July 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Westland farmers are in danger of voting for the sale of their company this week based on an offer that appears to be ‘too good to be true’.

The offer from China's Yili group is clearly not based on commercial reality, given the over-valued share price being offered, the guarantee of a milk price to match that paid by Fonterra, and the 1.5 million dollars in bonuses promised to top company executives to ensure the sale proceeds. Read more ...

Taxpayers will be banks’ deposit insurance scheme backstop

24th June 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

The bank deposit insurance scheme just announced by government is no more then a licence for banks to create even more money out of thin air than they already do and be less responsible about who they lend it to, knowing the taxpayer will bail them out if they get it wrong. Read more ...

Bagrie Calls For Greater Bank Profits

11th June 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Cameron Bagrie’s call for the government to bring back interest on student loans and cancel the fees free scheme is simply an attempt to boost the already obscene profits of his former buddies in the banking industry, says Social Credit leader Chris Leitch. Read more ...

Politicians Urged to Stop Point Scoring Politics

30th May 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit party leader Chris Leitch is calling on both National and Labour politicians to stop playing politics and get on with governing the country.

There were thousands of teachers marching yesterday to gain better resources to benefit the future of New Zealand's children, hundreds of families living in poor housing, food banks overrun with people unable to put food on the table. Read more ...

There Is More Money for Teachers

28th May 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim that ‘there is simply no more money to go into the [education] sector” is a lie, according to Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch.

I challenge him to explain to teachers and parents why he would rather pay $6,000,000,000 dollars every year to bank shareholders and PPP scheme financiers, yet refuse teachers, support staff, and principals the funding needed to provide children with the best education possible. Read more ...

Napier Port Sale Short-changes Ratepayers

27th May 2019

Chris Leitch, Leader

Napier's port would be retained in public ownership if Social Credit had been a force in parliament, party leader Chris Leitch told the party's regional conference in Napier on Saturday.

In his speech to the conference, Mr Leitch said the Regional Council's action in selling off a major chunk of the shares was short sighted and not in the best interests of Hawke’s Bay residents. Read more...

National’s Debt Comments A Losing Strategy

24th May 2019

Chris Leitch

National’s response to the government loosening of it's debt target shows it has learnt nothing from it's 9 years in government or it's electoral defeat. Read more...

Banks Crying Crocodile Tears Over Higher Capital Requirements

20 May 2019

Chris Leitch

Social Credit is accusing the New Zealand Bankers Association of crying crocodile tears over the Reserve Bank's proposals for banks to hold higher capital ratios.

Party leader Chris Leitch says any extra costs involved in the higher capital ratios should not be passed on... Read more...

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