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Subject: Marsden Point Oil Refinery Petition


Jacqui Dean

Chairperson, Petitions Committee



Greetings Jacqui


The petition of 18,300 signatories calling on the government to keep the Marsden Point oil refinery operational has taken the committee six months to consider. Why has a matter of critical importance to the New Zealand economy taken the committee so long to consider?


No public submissions have been called for, even from petition signatories. Why not? When does the committee intend to call for them?


No other groups with an interest in keeping the refinery operational, such as Air New Zealand, the Biofuels Association, the Sustainability Council, First Union (representing refinery workers) the Maritime Union and others have been offered the opportunity to make submissions. Why not? When does the committee intend to offer them that opportunity?


The committee's handling of this petition is disgraceful. The committee's lack of urgency and failure to include the public could be construed as ongoing corruption of the democratic process.


To demonstrate your commitment to democracy please address the matters raised and urgently call for the submissions mentioned above.



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