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Outdoors party candidate resigns and joins Social Credit

27 August 2020

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The Northland electorate candidate for the Outdoors Party has resigned and joined Social Credit. Brad Flutey had already attended one public meeting as the Outdoors Party candidate.
He was one of the early candidates selected by the Outdoors Party and had been writing a comprehensive 80 page policy document to extend its previously limited policy offering. In the course of researching policies of other parties he came across Social Credit.
In an article posted on Mr Flutey wrote ”When you set out on a political learning campaign, you should expect an evolution of your perspective.”
“It’s been almost a year of unpaid, passionate research into policy, holistic solutions, current and incoming technological advances, economic principles, regenerative land-use models, and many other things.”
“What’s most alarming is that this party has been the solution to retarded neoliberal politics for the last four decades. The media and the political establishment just did an outstanding job of hiding it.”
“Social Credit policy is the solution to the economic problems we are all in, what makes it more applicable now is the technology and industry models that exist today”.
“So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will no longer be standing for The Outdoors Party as their candidate in Northland.”
“That I will do right by my community, neighbouring hapū, and our nation by standing for Social Credit.”
In an appeal to the candidates of other small parties Mr Flutey said “Please do the right thing, join Social Credit. Help get our country back from greedy neoliberal politicians and self-serving corporations.”

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