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No Globalist Agenda
30 Sept 2018
Chris Leitch

"The Prime Minister's address to the United Nations has put her, and the Government's mulit-lateral globalist agenda front and centre. That's not an agenda that Social Credit agrees with", party leader Chris Leitch said in an address to the party's Waikato Regional meeting in Hamilton yesterday.

It's now clear why Labour, and their partner NZ First, despite loud protestations before the election, proceeded apace with the ratification of the TPPA and are negotiating several more similar agreements that threaten NZ's sovereignty.

It's now clear why they've allowed the high level of immigration to continue, and why more refugees are to be let in, despite the needs of NZ citizens not yet being met.

Its now clear why weak-kneed legislation on stopping just a few overseas buyers acquiring houses was the best they could do and why high country stations are being gobbled up by overseas rich-listers and massive chunks of our best farmland sold to Chinese buyers.

Despite the country voting for change, they're following the same agenda as the previous National government.

Social Credit would re-negotiate the TPPA and if necessary withdraw from it completely. The projected benefits from it of $4.6 billion in ten years are less than the $5 billion the government pays every year in interest on its borrowing.

Social Credit would deliver that benefit immediately by funding government from the Reserve Bank like Japan is doing right now, and spend that $5 billion annually on hospitals, roads, rail, and education.

We would dramatically cut the level of immigration, at least until the country's housing and infrastructure had caught up with the needs of New Zealanders.

Rich-listers and Chinese buyers would have to look to some other country for land purchases because such sales would be off the table if we were playing a part in government.

Social Credit would not compromise on New Zealand's sovereignty.

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