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Newsletter March 2022


A review of Kiwibank's ownership has been instituted by Treasury using outside consultants Goldman Sachs.
The review could potentially result in shares being sold off to a commercial overseas buyer. Finance Minister Grant Robertson has been non-committal about the intention of the review. So we've called on Mr Robertson to immediately commit to keeping Kiwibank 100 percent owned by the government on behalf of all Kiwis.

To alert people to the potential for the sale and to put some pressure on the Minister we've started a petition calling on Parliament to ensure that Kiwibank remains in 100 percent New Zealand government ownership. The press release is here

Please sign the petition here and get as many of your contacts, family, friends, work colleagues to sign it too. You could write a letter to the local paper using the press release as a basis to compose it. If you have a Facebook or other social media page please share it there from our Facebook page.


1. We submitted a 12 page document to Parliament's Petitions Committee to support our petition (which got over 18,000 signatures) to keep the Marsden Point Oil Refinery open, and attached a file with approximately 1800 comments that people who signed the petition had made. Despite prompting we have yet to receive a date on which the petition will be considered. The Northern Advocate ran a half page article with a great photo on the petition on 8th February and quoted some of the submission. See that here.

2. We wrote a submission to the Ministry of Justice setting out our thoughts on the Ministry's proposed changes to party and candidate donations rules.

You can view those on the submissions section of this website.

Press Releases

We've put out nine press releases on key issues this year. You can view those by clicking here.

Reserve Bank2.jpg

Reserve Bank bond sales the ultimate in madness

Did you know the Reserve Bank is selling back to the Treasury the government bonds (debt IOUs) it bought over the last two years? That means the government will have to borrow $50 billion from commercial banks and private investors to pay the Reserve Bank, which it owns.

What does that mean in layman's terms?

The government owned Reserve Bank is forcing the government to borrow from the country’s commercial banks and financial institutions so that it can purchase its own debt from its own bank and in doing so pay a higher interest rate on that new borrowing. Read more about that madness here.

Covid-19 - Why are our hospitals under pressure coping with Omicron?

This item on Newsroom (click to read) is based on the former CEO of Canterbury District Health Board, David Meates, spilling the beans about what went wrong and what continues to go wrong at that DHB, and how successive Governments made it happen.

It's all about money. All about debt.

And is absolutely all about why the Government has been terrified New Zealanders would find themselves in urgent need of hospitals and primary care facilities that were fit for purpose. Which we are -- and which they are not. You can read even more here.

We all need to read this article carefully to have a clear understanding of the relationship between starving our health system of resources in the past and the present care crisis. Intelligent use of the Reserve Bank would have prevented our present crisis.  Intelligent use of the Reserve Bank would prevent a repeat in the future.

Tee Shirts

A reminder we have a great tee shirt available for those who wish to show their displeasure at mandate requirements in order to keep a job. See it here.

You can see more about what we've said on mandates here


We value your support for the Social Credit Party. Without it we would not be able to continue.

If your membership is either overdue or due now  (details are at the bottom of your email) you can renew and pay by card here - membership renewal form.

If you would prefer to pay by internet transfer into our bank account, here are the details - Kiwibank 38-9000-0601245-001 Please include your surname as a reference. Please also fill out the renewal form.


A reminder - we are all volunteers, so a donation (one-off or monthly) will help immensely with operating costs.

To make a one-off donation click here.   You can make a monthly donation by setting that up in your internet banking programme or downloading a form for your bank here.

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Chris Leitch

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