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Newsletter July 2022


Poll Rating Highest Since 1990s

The latest political public opinion poll done for TVNZ between May 21 and 25 shows Social Credit at it's highest level since the 1990s. It's still small at 0.5% - But that puts us 4th out of the parties outside parliament after NZ First, TOP, and New Conservative - all of which have had major media coverage in previous elections backed by millions of dollars of spending.

That poll rating comes after some good publicity over our work to try to get the Government to take seriously New Zealand's fuel security in the face of global uncertainty and keep the Marsden Point Oil refinery in operational condition. You can view our verbal submission to Parliament's petitions committee, read the submission, and see the press releases that have been put out by clicking here.

It also comes from some excellent work done by members across the country delivering flyers and writing excellent letters to their local paper on a range of issues. A couple of examples are attached.

Three Waters

The government continues on it's collision course with councils and ratepayers over plans to transfer their water and waste water assets to four new regional entities. Those entities will be far removed from any democratic control and the major benefit of the changes will flow to commercial banks, overseas superannuation funds and wealthy super-investors, like America's Black Rock, from the money the new entities will have to borrow. likely most of the work on those water networks will eventually go to overseas contracting giants like Veolia - owned by the French government - and the profits will be extracted out of the NZ economy and sent overseas.

Yet there is a simple, home grown funding option available that would ensure water users and ratepayers could fund the necessary system upgrades without having to also fund profits for those investors through interest payments. We've just made a submission (which you can read here) to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee opposing the government's plans . A copy has been emailed to every mayor and councillor across the country.

Press Releases

We've put out numerous press releases on key issues this year. You can view those by clicking here.

Kiwibank .jpg



A review of Kiwibank's ownership has been instituted by Treasury using outside consultants Goldman Sachs. The review could potentially result in shares being sold off to a commercial overseas buyer. Finance Minister Grant Robertson has been non-committal about the intention of the review. So we've called on Mr Robertson to immediately commit to keeping Kiwibank 100 percent owned by the government on behalf of all Kiwis.

To alert people to the potential for the sale and to put some pressure on the Minister we've started a petition calling on Parliament to ensure that Kiwibank remains in 100 percent New Zealand government ownership. The press release is here.

Please sign the petition here - and get as many of your contacts, family, friends, work colleagues to sign it too. You could write a letter to the local paper using the press release as a basis to compose it. If you have a Facebook or other social media page please share it there from our Facebook page.


Our hospitals, doctors and nurses, midwives, and GP's are under incredible pressure

Yet more than 3000 health care professionals are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs because mandates still apply to them. Those mandate regulations should end now, as they have done for police and other services.

Medical staff need an immediate upgrade of salaries. This is urgent as we are hemorrhaging skilled hospital personnel to places across the world where their skills are recognised with appropriate pay.


Intelligent use of the Reserve Bank would have prevented our present health care crisis (the one the Minister of Health, Andrew Little, refuses to acknowledge).

What can you do to help?

We need to get more visibility to keep that poll rating growing, so can you help?

* Be on our letter writing team, or be forwarded pre-written letters to submit to your local paper

* Volunteer to deliver flyers in your neighbourhood

* Agree to be a co-ordinator for getting people together in your local area for discussions, coffee meetings and planning activity

* Share our press releases and Facebook posts with as many people as you can

Please send me an email and tell me how you can help. You can also make a donation here.

You can make a monthly donation by setting that up in your internet banking programme or downloading a form for your bank here.

Thanks for your continued support.

Chris Leitch

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