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Newsletter December 2022

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Queues for everything are getting longer
Neither Labour nor National have solutions

In the news

We got the lead article on the NZ Herald  'Dialogue' page on 27th December!!    Click here to read it.   It's also on the front page of our website

Nice of the Herald to deliver us a neat Xmas present. One of the very few times the Herald have published any of our material unlike the Daily Telegraph NZ online which prints most of what we send out.

Can you help multiply its reach by using it as a basis for a letter to the editor in your local paper, (or one agreeing with aspects of it), posting it on Social Media and sharing it widely with other contacts. You can share it from our Facebook page or website. Feel free to use anything in the release - even whole paragraphs and make sure that Social Credit is included in the letter. That will help to keep us up in the polls!!

Press Releases

08 December 2022 - Jet Fuel Crisis Predicted 12 Months Ago
The current crisis likely to lead to severe jet fuel rationing in the lead up to Christmas completely vindicates Social Credit's campaign to get the government to keep the Marsden Point Oil refinery operational.
Rationing of up to twenty five percent is likely which will cause severe disruption for air travellers, tourists, and the country's exporters.
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5 October 2022 - Reserve Bank picks taxpayer’s pockets to boost commercial bank profits
The Reserve Bank is digging deeper into taxpayers pockets to increase the profits of investors and commercial bank shareholders with today's lifting of the Official Cash Rate.
That OCR rise will see the bank (read taxpayers) paying the commercial banks 1.5 billion per year in interest payments on their settlement/reserve accounts. Those accounts are where the banks hold money people have deposited with them while they lend out created money to borrowers.
Taxpayers will also pay more interest on the massive amount of borrowing the government has undertaken over the last couple of years - again transferring wealth into the hands of the mostly American shareholders of the Australian based banks.
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20 September 2022 - Govt protection for elite soils fifty years too late
At last, fifty years too late, a government has recommended protection of elite vegetable growing land from urban sprawl.
In 1973, Social Credit, way ahead of its time with policy proposals as usual, published You and Your Environment, a twenty eight page green paper which, amongst a raft of environmental policy proposals, recommended exactly that.
"A system of environmental zoning for the nation is strongly recommended..... so that each part is put to it's best use, whatever it be, for fruit growing, cropping, grazing or silviculture".
"Land should be rated according to its zoned use value and not by the present artificial standards".
"The concept of satellite suburbs, built on poorer class land, linked to major centres by rapid transit systems should be fostered".
Read full release...


15 September 2022 ​Govt should pay for Marlborough road rebuilds
Social Credit is calling on the government to come up with the money to fix the Marlborough roads seriously damaged by the recent devastating floods.
Grant Robertson's claim today that his government’s good financial management is responsible for positive GDP growth in the last quarter means he has more tax revenue to spend. Coupled with the rise in prices which automatically delivers him a significant increase in GST, that means he can well afford to stump up with several million to ensure the Marlborough District roads get rebuilt.
Read full release...


We're starting to identify potential candidates for the upcoming general election which is under 300 days away.  If you think you've got what it takes to be a Social Credit candidate, know someone who might have, or want to know more, please send an email -


The Big Issues

The media is already starting to manufacture the "two horse race" scenario (will Labour hold  its poll rating? can Christopher Luxon stop putting his foot in his mouth? but let's not get hooked in. Both National and Labour are abject failures. with nothing new to offer. If either could have fixed the problems in housing, health, poverty, crime, infrastructure deficit, why haven't they done so already? The government has had five years. National had nine years!

Labour moved quickly to mobilize resources to maintain incomes in the Covid crisis, but apparently can't do anything about dramatically increasing food bank queues, families with nowhere to live, ballooning ram raids and youth crime, nurses and doctors leaving in droves. Those problems are all a crisis in their own right. The old parties need to stop blaming the 'other lot' and get on with fixing those crises too.

Only Social Credit has the economic solution to those problems. Not only that, we believe in decision making at the lowest level in society, not in centralised decision making as is being done with Three Waters (which has now become five waters), a our health system, fluoridation of water supplies, management of polytechnics, and on the horizon soon more decision making being stripped away from local councils. Billions are being spent on consultants and administrators and haven't seen the last of centralisation yet.

The Campaign

Meantime we hope you're enjoying a restful, relaxing, and safe Xmas and New Year in the company of family and friends prior to joining  the election campaign which gets underway soon.

Sadly we lost some valuable campaigners during the year who passed away -  Heather Marion Smith, Carl Payne, Lawrence McIsaac, Don Steele, Bob Warren, Hughey Port, Pauline Withington, Pat Kirkham, Henry Raynel, Tallina Beuker and Leo Glamuzina. Our thoughts are with their families.


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Thanks for your continued support.

Chris Leitch

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