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Newsletter August 2022

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Social Credit on TV1 News

Social Credit was on TV1 news for the first time in over 30 years.  It showed us at a 1% poll rating in the latest Kantar public opinion poll done at the beginning of August. That's up from the poll in May. It's fantastic news and will have been seen by thousands across New Zealand. You can view the live news item here -

Can we capitalise on that?

Can we hold that position and improve on it?

Yes we can!

What can you do to help?

Can you help get more visibility to keep that poll rating growing?

* Be on our letter writing team, or be forwarded pre-written letters to submit to your local paper

* Volunteer to deliver flyers in your neighbourhood

* Agree to be a co-ordinator for getting people together in your local area for discussions, coffee meetings and planning activity

* Share our press releases, Facebook posts and this website with as many people as you can

Please send me an email and tell me how you can help. You can also make a donation by credit card here or direct credit to 38-9000-0601245-01to help with the costs of printing flyers and to start building a campaign fund for next year's election.

You can make a monthly donation by setting that up in your internet banking programme or downloading a form for your bank here.

Three Waters

We're totally against the government's plans to transfer ratepayer owned water and waste water assets to four new regional entities. The major benefit of the changes will flow to commercial banks, overseas superannuation funds and wealthy super-investors, like America's Black Rock, from the money the new entities will have to borrow. Likely most of the work on those water networks will eventually go to overseas contracting giants like Veolia - owned by the French government - and the profits will be extracted out of the NZ economy and sent overseas.

We know there is a simple, home grown funding option available that would ensure water users and ratepayers could fund the necessary system upgrades without having to also fund profits for those investors through interest payments. New Zealand should use its own bank (the Reserve Bank) to fund that infrastructure without the need to pay interest to overseas lenders. That way water users and ratepayers would pay just once for that infrastructure instead of several times over because of interest. You can download and read that funding option from here. Please share it with others.

Press Releases

We've put out numerous press releases on key issues this year. You can view those by clicking here.

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To alert people to the potential for the sale of Kiwibank and to put some pressure on the Minister we've started a petition calling on Parliament to ensure that Kiwibank remains in 100 percent New Zealand government ownership. The press release is here.

Please sign the petition here - and get as many of your contacts, family, friends, work colleagues to sign it too. You could write a letter to the local paper using the press release as a basis to compose it. If you have a Facebook or other social media page please share it there from our Facebook page.


We're starting to identify potential candidates for next year's general election. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Social Credit candidate, know someone who might have, or want to know more please send an email to

Marsden Point Oil Refinery

Sadly, it looks like our battle to save the refinery and help ensure fuel security for New Zealand is over. See attached.

The oil companies control the largest chunk of the former refinery company shares (now called Channel Infrastructure) The company moved with unseemly haste to disable the refinery and ensure it never again could be used to refine crude oil so that we were totally dependent on them for our fuel supplies - and the government let them do it. That's despite the following in the presentation booklet for shareholders before the decision was made to shut it down.

Refinery shutdown planning and decommissioning

Refining NZ is planning the safe and efficient shutdown of the refinery and the subsequent decommissioning of redundant assets which are not suitable for repurposing . This includes the de-inventorying, de-energising and isolation of these assets to leave them in a safe condition for future demolition or other uses. These assets include the refinery processing plants, surplus tanks, piping and other equipment not required for terminal operation and redundant utility infrastructure including boilers, gas, and a portion of the electrical system.

Site repurposing and remediation

With a deep-water harbour (approximately 14 metre draught), proximity to the large Auckland market and a  strong infrastructure footprint, the site is well placed for repurposing as a fuels and energy hub. Refinery assets will be assessed for their future potential use and may be mothballed rather than decommissioned, based on this assessment, and subject to risk mitigation controls. Assets not suitable for any repurposing initiatives, will ultimately require demolition as noted above. It is anticipated that a small demolition project will be completed soon after the completion of the decommissioning activities to make safe any higher risk assets. The full  demolition of decommissioned refinery assets is not expected to be undertaken for a number of years after the potential repurposing options for the site have been assessed.

Shareholders were lied to, as were the media, the public, MBIE, and ministers.

Thanks for your continued support.

Chris Leitch

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