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Medical Council suspension of GPs condemned

4 February 2022

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit party leader Chris Leitch has delivered a stinging attack on the Medical Council for its suspension of Murupara GP Bernard Conlon and dozens of other GPs across the country.

With Omicron predicted to explode through the country, GPs should be the frontline of the response to stop our woefully under-resourced hospitals from being over-run, so for the Council to hobble that response by removing over 30 GP’s by orders and suspensions beggars belief.

Doctors are living in fear of being suspended for providing treatments which regularly deliver better outcomes for patients.

Others are being forced to practice under ‘voluntary undertaking orders’ dictated by the Council on penalty of losing their licences if they don’t comply.

As far as the Medical Council is concerned it is “my way or the highway” without any recognition of other medical treatments that are producing amazing results in other countries.

It is acting in this matter in exactly the same way as medical authorities did when acupuncture and osteopathy first appeared in New Zealand.

Those treatments were condemned out of hand as quackery and enormous efforts were made to stop medical professionals from practicing them.

Intelligent doctors new better.

Today those treatments are considered mainstream and provide benefit to thousands of people every year.

The Council is also riding roughshod over the wishes of the communities that those doctors provided amazing service for.

It seems to think that those people and their views count for nothing and that somehow it alone is miraculously endowed with all the wisdom and knowledge available.

The people of Murupara and other communities affected should inundate the Medical Council with a tsunami of letters calling on them to reinstate the practicing licence of the GPs they’ve suspended.

Patients have a right to choose the type of treatment that they desire, which they are currently barred from doing by the dictates of a small group at the top of the Medical Council who are locked into a narrow tunnel view of how Covid-19 should be tackled.

With the potential widespread infection from the Omicron variant, and others likely to follow, the Council should be searching for, and supporting, anything that might work rather than trying to keep medicine, and those who practice it, in the dark ages.

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