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Having a free press is a vital element of a healthy democracy and a free country. Too often the press omits important information or locks out alternative views in order to protect their advertising revenue. The majority of the country’s mainstream media is privately owned and profit driven. As such they rely on click-bait and emotive headlines.
The opinions of commentators often become a dominant message.

Social Credit will:
● Support a free press
● Ensure broadcasting is developed and expanded to provide material that will help people improve their quality of living, free from political interference and manipulation by vested financial interests and pressure groups.
● Maintain a wholly independent publicly funded broadcasting system to function alongside the commercial networks
● Phase out paid advertising on the publicly funded television network
● Foster local ownership of radio, television, newspapers and on-line news outlets
● Ensure that when the Government uses the media to address the people on important issues, the other New Zealand registered political parties will be given equal opportunity to comment and reply
● Ensure that the publicly owned broadcasting network will hold regular open line forums on matters of public interest which all New Zealand registered political parties will have equal opportunity to express their views
● Ensure that open on line forums will allocate appropriate time so other special interest and political groups can be given a balanced opportunity to express their views
● Not allow public opinion polls to be published during the 14 days prior to a
Parliamentary election
● Support the development of Community and Regional Trusts to promote
broadcasting and newspapers at a local and regional level
● Establish a legally binding advertising Code of Ethics

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