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Rearranging deckchairs won't fix the healthcare crisis

21 April 2021

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Responsibility for the greatest health crisis the country has faced since tuberculosis was a major killer of Pākeha New Zealanders, accounting for 10% of all deaths in the late 19th century, can be laid firmly at the revolving door of continual changes to the administration of the health system.  

Back then Māori were even more vulnerable with their tuberculosis death rates around ten times those of non-Māori by the 1930s.


Government should buy Westpac

25 March 2021

by Chris Leitch, Leader

The potential sale of Westpac’s New Zealand banking operations provides a unique opportunity to return a significant slice of the country’s banking business to Kiwi ownership.

The government should commence negotiations with Westpac’s Australian owners to purchase the Bank’s New Zealand arm with a view to integrating it into Kiwibank.

Social Credit leader backs mayor on fluoridation

13 April 2021

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch, is backing Whangarei’s Mayor, Sheryl Mai, in her stand over fluoridation of water supplies.

The fluoridation issue is another example of decision making being taken out of the hands of local communities and centralised in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.