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Government called on to pay the country's next rates bill

02 April 2020

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

The government needs to step up and pay the next rates instalment to councils on behalf of property owners and businesses as part of its economic support package.

People are facing unprecedented financial stress directly due to the measures implemented by the government, and it needs to support property owners and renters by taking the rates burden off their shoulders. Read more ...

Magic Money Tree

24 March 2020

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

In 2018, nurses went through a prolonged series of strikes in order to get better
wages and conditions and an additional 500 nurses employed to reduce the shortage and consequent stress on existing nursing staff. That deal worth an estimated $520 million dollars is not due for completion until August this year.
It took five offers from the government and DHB's before agreement was finally
reached. Nurses were repeatedly told there was no more money.
In January 2019 3300 junior doctors started 5 rounds of strike action to address
issues around fatigue, good patient care and training, and under-staffing. That was finally resolved in August. Read More ...

Bernard Hickey recommends using Social Credit economic policy

19 March 2020

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

In May last year Treasury suggested the government and the Reserve Bank might have to consider ‘unconventional tools’ like Quantitative Easing and helicopter money, both of which are similar to Social Credit economic ideas.
The Reserve Bank this week announced that it was preparing to undertake QE, and today on National Radio, economic commentator and Newsroom Pro editor Bernard Hickey claimed the government needed to introduce a modified version of helicopter money - a Universal Basic Income, similar to National Superannuation, for all citizens. Read more ...

Authorised by Anne Leitch, Secretary, 42 Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei

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