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Call for treatment kits to be issued to home isolatees

15 Oct 2021

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit calls on the government to issue home treatment kits to those who have caught Covid-19 and are to be isolating at home under the just announced scheme.

With fears about our hospitals being swamped with Covid cases, it defies common sense that early treatment is not undertaken with proven medications to substantially lessen the chances of hospitalisation for those unlucky enough to have caught the virus.

When Uttar Pradesh in India distributed home treatment kits* and implemented a home testing regime, Covid-19 rates dropped quickly. (See stats at bottom)

In May 2021 the WHO reported on the success of the Uttar Pradesh programme.

(Uttar Pradesh is India’s largest state with a population of 240 million. If it was a country, Uttar Pradesh would rank as the 6th largest in the world.) 

Similar medications to those in the kits have been used successfully in Japan, and Latin America.

New Zealand, once an innovative nation, is sadly now lagging behind the rest of the world with its virus management, as the rush to get people vaccinated with the vaxathon shows.

Instead of being proactive by adopting the best of what has been used around the world, and using a multi-pronged attack on the virus, the government has been demonising those who have tried to get other options considered and is now locking highly trained medical professionals out of the health system at a time when they’re likely to be needed most.

That raises questions about why NZ is sticking slavishly to a vaccine only approach, banning other options that have proved valuable elsewhere in the world, and whether the government’s health advisors have some questions to answer.

Just as it did with airport screening and closing our borders in 2020, introducing saliva tests, approving rapid antigen tests, and now home isolation, the government is being dragged kicking and screaming at the last minute into implementing measures that have proven themselves overseas.

Social Credit called for airport screening on January 21st 2020 yet it took two months before our borders were closed despite about 2000 passengers arriving from China at New Zealand airports daily.

*The home treatment kits comprised:- Pulse Oximeter, Digital Thermometer, Paracetamol tablets (15), Vitamin C tablets (30), Multivitamin tablets with Zinc (30), Vitamin D3 tablets (2 packs), Ivermectin 12mg tablets (10), Doxycycline 100mg tablets (10), Three-ply face masks (5), N-95 Masks (2), Sanitizer (100ml), Alcohol based Wipes (1 box with 20 plies), Gloves (2 pairs).


Here's the background to our position:-

Covid Questions

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