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Genetic Engineering (GE) issues

While human well being and sound ecology, not the profit motive, should be the basis of decisions, New Zealand has the opportunity to gain significant overseas markets for high value organic and GE free produce. That will require us to establish this country as a well recognised GE free producer.


To achieve that aim we will:


• Approach GE research with caution, and keep it within laboratories


• Put much greater resources into border control inspections, to minimise the likelihood of contamination by GE seeds, plants, organisms, and diseases


• Make food labelling much stricter, to include country of origin and plain English ingredient details


• Oppose gene transfer across species to extend the shelf life of foods


• Institute plant breeding programmes to maintain a pool of pure strain seeds and heritage varieties


• Support the right of local communities to declare their area GE free


• Undertake the repair of environmental damage and disaster, with low interest loans from the Reserve Bank

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