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Foreign Affairs

Maintaining good international relationships is essential for a nation like New Zealand whose economy relies heavily on exports. We will pursue a joint Foreign Affairs and Defence policy by pursuing the objective of humanitarianism and peace. We will establish bilateral trade arrangements with trading partners, particularly the countries of the South Pacific.  


Social Credit will pursue those aims by:


• Re-establishing New Zealand as an independent, sovereign nation state by returning those parts of the economy presently controlled by overseas interests back into the hands of the people of New Zealand


• Maintaining a nuclear free zone within New Zealand’s 200 mile exclusive economic area


• Continued participation in international peace-keeping and mediation tasks


• Establishing diplomatic relations with all countries, except those that threaten New Zealand’s sovereign independence

• Promotion of Trade Aid and Volunteer Service Abroad


• Expanding economic and cultural co-operation and communication with the nations of the Pacific Basin

• Any treaties, or membership of any organisation, that undermines the ability of the government to protect the interests of New Zealanders or threaten our sovereignty will be re-negotiated or withdrawn from

• The establishment of a NZ Environmental Research Institute, which will report on solutions to common global problems, including biological and genetic control


• Scrutinise the objectives of the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and support only those that fully align with Social Credit policy

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