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As New Zealand's population grows, the demand for energy to heat homes, run appliances, advance industry, and power vehicles has also grown. Energy sources are in the hands of commercial operators, who often resist spending on research and development of alternative sustainable energy, and increase prices when consumers make energy-saving alterations.

To make make energy available at the least cost, and increase the uptake of new sustainable energy options Social Credit will:


• Ensure power companies operate as public utilities, as a higher priority than delivering a profit to shareholders


• Implement a single selling desk for wholesale energy, operated by the Ministry of Energy under a National Energy Plan.


• Set a uniform rate for transporting energy through the national grid


• Place a moratorium on the installation of smart meters, and commence a full enquiry into the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)


• Reinstate a South Island power differential


• Place a higher priority on using geothermal energy for power generation and as low grade heat for fuel fermentation and agricultural purposes


• Assist the development of micro generators to generate power near where it will be used, to minimise the inefficient due to power loss, of delivering electricity by cross-country pylons


• Support research into manufacture and use of new energy sources as alternatives to the current power stations and hydro dams


• Initiate the development and distribution of energy storage modules for times of surplus, and a system that pays households to deliver surplus energy back into a local supply for use by others


• Promote the development of non-polluting energy plants and technologies such as wind farms, tidal turbine generators and solar power for heating and plant operations


• Decrease reliance on non-renewable resources such as coal, and carefully manage coal reserves

• Promote energy conservation in housing such as double or triple glazing and better thermal design


• Put in place a programme of energy self-sufficiency targets

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