Economic Development

Social Credit will provide a platform for businesses, and the regions, to grow and prosper.

To achieve this we will:


• Establish a Local Authority Loans Board to fund capital works and infrastructure projects approved by local communities, with grants, zero interest and low interest loans from the Reserve Bank


• Promote an International Clearing Union with export credit accounts for trading among member nations


• Abolish GST in favour of a simpler and fairer Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), set at a low level (less than 2%) and collected at point of withdrawal from bank accounts


• Institute a Adequate Living Income to progressively replace the welfare system


• Make the Reserve Bank the sole provider of new money, made available to trading banks at a service charge only


• Ensure the Reserve Bank is answerable to Government


• Make the Reserve Bank responsible for seeing that the overseas debt is repaid and overseas transactions are in balance


• Introduce a Worker Shareholding scheme to assist workers to become shareholders in the companies they work for, and therefore gain additional income through dividends.

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