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Our aim is to ensure that people with disabilities are enabled to fully participate within their communities as a worthwhile, respected members of them, contributing as much to them as their disabilities allow.

To achieve that aim we will:


• Establish a properly funded Disability Agency which will report directly to the Minister for Social Development.  It shall be responsible for monitoring the disability sector and for establishing a national plan to improve the position of disabled people in society


• Continue to encourage improved facilities for disabled access to buildings and spaces open to the public


• Assist local bodies with finance for disabled-accessible public transport vehicles and for other necessary services to enable disabled people to attend workplaces and educational and recreational facilities


• Ensure all disabled people get continuing assistance comparable to that available to those with similar disabilities injured in accidents and eligible for benefits under ACC


• Support employers of disabled staff with interest-free loans to assist with necessary modifications of workplace equipment


• Ensure that helpers employed to assist disabled people are adequately trained and remunerated accordingly


• Ensure that people, who by reason of substantial physical or mental disabilities need special care and attention, can develop (in a normal education environment where it is reasonable to do so) as a worthwhile, respected member of the community contributing as much to it as their disabilities allow


• Help provide the material facilities required for people with genuine needs resulting from a disability to live in dignity and security


• Pay a supplementary allowance on a case by case basis, where our adequate living income policy does not provide sufficient income to enable those with genuine needs resulting from disability to maintain the quality of living they would otherwise enjoy

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