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Congratulations David Seymour – better late than never

20 February 2022

by Chris Leitch, Leader

Social Credit has congratulated ACT Leader David Seymour on his call this morning for an end to vaccine mandates.

His assertion that new evidence that the vaccine is not making a difference in the spread of the virus is spot on.

That evidence has been plain to see for any who cared to look for it since a study reported in the Lancet at the end of October and it has been piling up since.

Mandates have separated friends, split families, and thrown thousands out of work – for no reason.

They’ve seen doctors barred from providing care for patients and vital medical staff thrown out of work at a time when they have never been more needed.

They have been an enormous waste of police resources, and imposed a substantial burden of compliance and disruption on businesses, all without justification.

England, Denmark, and Ireland who have scrapped all restrictions, and New South Wales, Tasmania, and some states in the USA who are rapidly unwinding them, having realised that vaccination status has no bearing on Covid-19 transmission or infection.

While large numbers of people have supported the mandates, they’ve done so because government and the media have convinced them they’re an important part of the Covid-19 response.

It’s time the government told New Zealanders the truth.

Mandates don’t work and the unvaccinated are not villains.

We congratulate David Seymour on having the courage to admit that the evidence needs him to change his previous stance.

It’s time they were scrapped and the protests ended.