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Community Credit

Social Credit will recover effective control of New Zealand’s economic affairs and establish greater economic independence for the country.


We will achieve this by:


• Utilising the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, instead of commercial banks, to provide grants, nil interest and low interest loans for capital and infrastructure works as well as for eligible community projects


• Having new interest-bearing debt, presently being issued by private banks, replaced with interest-free finance from the publicly owned Reserve Bank of NZ

• The introduction of an Adequate Living Income

• Replacing interest-bearing local authority and district health board debt, as it matures, with interest free Community Credit

• Removing student fees and abolishing the student loan scheme

• Providing Community Credit to fund small business, research, energy, conservation and transport projects

• Reintroducing into the private banking system a reserve ratio similar to that removed in the 1980s, to promote inflation-free, sustainable growth and enhancement of public well-being

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