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Boards, Top Executives and Politicians need to take a cut too

07 April 2020

From Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader

He Waka Eke Noa – We are all in this together, according to the Prime Minister.

Except that we’re not……………………..

After pressure from employees, Fletcher Building executives have shown the way with their decision to take a 30 per cent pay cut and now other company boards, top executives and central and local body politicians need to follow their lead and take a cut too.

The leaders of our country and industry are lagging way behind with leadership when it comes to their own remuneration.

With thousands of workers now out of a job, and hundreds of thousands more on significantly reduced income, and likely to be for some time, it’s time for those on big incomes to show solidarity with the rest of the country and take a 30 percent cut too.

The country’s legal and accounting firms, insurance companies and banks should not be excluded from the cuts either.

With the money not paid out in salaries, companies could set up a fund to support employees struggling in the current circumstances or donate it to the Salvation Army, City Mission, or other organisations supporting people struggling in the current environment.

We’ve started a web page that lists all the companies, boards, top executives and politicians who have taken a cut and registered.

Those who take a cut will be able to post details of the cuts on-line.

Employees will be able to check the page to see whether their company executives, company board or politicians have posted whether they’ve taken a cut and for how long.

Check out the web page here

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