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Bill of Rights

Our rights and freedoms are progressively being whittled away. Freedom of speech is under threat. This poses a significant danger to our democracy.

After proper and extensive public debate, the New Zealand Bill of Rights will be amended and entrenched so that it effectively guarantees the human rights, freedoms and civil and political liberties it purports to promote.

The New Zealand Bill of Rights will include:

• Provision for the Bill of Rights to override other laws demonstrably in         conflict with it

• Provisions that expression and exercise of rights should not to infringe upon the similar rights of other people or groups

Expansion of the Bill of Rights to acts done between or among persons or groups

• The right to honest government

The right to a just and fair electoral system in which each vote is of equal value

• The right to social as well as legal justice

• The right to an adequate living income

• The right to privacy (including security of computer files and

• Ways of reviewing existing laws for compliance and making sure new ones do comply with the Bill of Rights

• The right of appeal in civil proceedings brought by or against the
Crown or other public authority

• Provision for judicial interpretation of the Bill of Rights

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