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CHRIS LEITCH - Whangarei

Chris Leitch

Chris Leitch has been a campaigner for monetary reform since 1972. He is a member of the Social Credit Association, the Social Credit Institute, and Leader of the NZ Social Credit Party. Chris is a former elected member of the Auckland Regional Services Trust set up in 1991 to own Auckland services companies like the buses, the Ports of Auckland, the water supply, and to manage millions of dollars of downtown Auckland property. It paid off millions of dollars of debt while successfully keeping those revenue-earning assets in public ownership. He was also elected to the Waitemata Electricity Trust. He has been chairman of the Whangarei Youth Centre and the Onerahi School Board. He is the party's Whangarei candidate.



Amanda Vickers did a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in physiology, followed by an honours year (first class). She also has a veterinary science degree.  Amanda worked extensively in the UK with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, helping to eradicate swine fever and afterwards Foot and Mouth Disease, before returning to New Zealand in 2003. Her interest in solving the problems the world faces began soon after that and she became aware of the connection between energy, the environment and the economy and how our money came in to being.  Amanda was an outspoken activist against the TPP and was involved with instigating a petition to the Governor General and with organising rallies in Wellington opposing it. She is passionate about "Sovereign Money", and personal freedoms, and Binding Citizens' Initiated Referenda. She is the party's deputy leader and candidate for Otaki.

JACK COLLIN - West Coast Tasman

Jack Collin

Jack Collin attended Victoria University and worked as an accountant and office manager for Lane Walker Rudkin. He then became a company sales representative for in the sporting goods field.  He is a life member of three rowing clubs and trained national champions. Jack coached members of the NZ Olympic rowing team and has coached world title winners. He was a candidate for Social Credit last election. He is the candidate for West Coast-Tasman.



Kath Lauderdale has lived in the New Plymouth/Taranaki area for most of her 57 years after being born in the Wellington/Kapiti area. She was initially raised there and has returned to that area regularly.

As a mother, daughter and wife she is endowed with all the knowledge and experience that brings and the skills being successful at that entails. She qualified as a journalist in 1989 and has extensive voluntary work experience in policy and community development.

Kath is looking forward to representing the people and environment of the Taranaki region and implementing policies for “real change” in extraordinary times by standing as the party’s candidate for New Plymouth.

CLIFF HALL - Mt Roskill

Cliff Hall Cropped.jpg

Cliff Hall is an Auckland businessman, employing 22 people at his manufacturing plant in Wiri and branches in Christchurch and China.  Over the last 20 years he has held all positions from cleaner to machine setter to IT technician to financial controller to managing director.  Originally from Canada, he worked as a professional electrical engineer in Vancouver prior to immigrating to New Zealand in 1994. Cliff has a longstanding interest in politics and economics, and is passionate about monetary reform for the benefits it will bring for people, business and the country.  Cliff has been a member of Toastmasters International for over 30 years and is a two-time NZ district speech champion who enjoys coaching people to improve their confidence, leadership and public speaking skills. Cliff is married with two adult children.

LISA ER - New Lynn

Lisa Er Publicity.jpg

Lisa Er is the founder of the company that produces the immensely popular Lisa’s Hummus and Dips. She has extensive experience in business and is very active in community issues. She stood for the Green Party in 2008, but walked away over philosophical differences. “I'm fully in support of Social Credit’s backing of small and medium sized business as they are the backbone of our economy”. “As economic and climate extremes wreak havoc we must be resilient and food supply secure”. She believes Social Credit policies could see NZ leading the world in environmental sustainability, and GE free organic food production. She favours widespread ownership of innovative and co-operative businesses to ensure profits stay in New Zealand rather than being extracted off-shore. She is the party's candidate for New Lynn.


Deane Landreth.jpeg

Deane Landreth is a contract software developer specialising in e-commerce and artificial intelligence. His brief is to look for ways to make things work more efficiently and less expensively, and in doing so produce a better experience for both his clients and their customers. His motivation as a candidate is to do much the same for kiwis. He is keen to challenge the established status quo, particularly in the area of monetary and economic policy, and make the systems we have in place work more effectively to deliver better results for New Zealanders. Our nation, like most western democracies, has become fully subservient to neo-liberal thought that has over the years enriched the few at the expense of the majority. New economic thinking and actions are required now to reverse this decline. Of all the political parties, only Social Credit has a dedicated history of producing policies that address these issues and as such I’m happy to be standing as the Social Credit Candidate for the Wigram Electorate.

BRAD FLUTEY - Northland

Brad Flutey.jpg

Brad Flutey comes from a construction, landscape, horticulture, operational management, and research background. He believes parliament is full of virtue signalling mush and that it’s time to drain the swamp. His Maori heritage tells him the whare needs strong foundations, and out of all the parties he has looked into, Social Credit has foundations based on bi-partisan integrity, experience, and solving the causes of problems not just dealing with the symptoms. “If we are to reverse the disillusionment around the lack of democracy in New Zealand we need people of integrity, and Social Credit has that”. “I know how to solve problems and I have joined a party full of people who know how to solve problems”. Social Credit acknowledges that value is in what we create. Money is just a tool for the trade of that value. Brad is committed to work to deliver the proverb of his tupuna - Ko Rauru kītahi, e kore te kupu e whati, Rauru of the one word, never would that word be broken. He is standing in Northland.


Heather Marion Smith.jpg

Heather Marion Smith holds a B.A. degree in Economics and a post-graduate diploma in Development Economics from Massey University, nowadays specialising in local government and DHB funding. She gained valuable experience in various government departments before graduating. She taught for many years in Taranaki and Whanganui secondary schools and has been involved with Ecology Action and the NZ National Council of Women where she was their Economics Convenor for two terms. She admits to becoming an octogenarian – “but only in chronological years”. Heather is concerned about the blind adherence that most candidates from other parties have to the neo-liberal debt-funding model for local and central government expenditure.  She supports Social Credit because it condemns the dumping of decades of debt onto future generations when the country’s central bank has the sovereign power to fund our essential infrastructures and services without interest. “What we need post-Covid19 is innovative thinking based on facts – that’s where knowledge of our economic history is vital for policymaking”. Heather is standing for Whanganui.


Warren cropped Small.png

Warren Voight is a health professional dealing with a wide range of people from all walks of life. That has given him a keen understanding of the socio-economic situation people find themselves in – many barely managing to live from day to day. Warren grew up in Fairfield but spent a number of years in Dunedin where he was on the committee of the Otago Broadcaster’s Society and the Hills Radio Trust. New Zealander’s have experienced decades of broken promises from successive governments and he believes that Social Credit is the only political party to offer substantial economic reforms capable of returning equality to New Zealanders. The key to our burgeoning government debt levels and wider socio-economic as well as environmental issues lies in reform of the banking system. By replacing reliance on foreign private bank borrowing (as is happening with the Covid19 'Rescue Packages'), with government issuing funds directly from the Reserve Bank at no cost to the taxpayer, many of our country’s ills could be remedied. Warren is standing in the Taieri Electorate


Elisabeth Dacker.jpeg

Elisabeth Dacker is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in Dunedin. She is passionate about health and is an advocate for lifestyle medicine. She recently relocated home after spending 7yrs working and travelling abroad. Prior to this, she worked for many years in the NZ ski industry in central Otago, and spent much of her life exploring the banks of the Clutha river in the Beaumont area, where her father still lives. Her areas of interest include how to transform domestic tourism in this new post Covid era, making it more affordable and accessible to New Zealanders. She sees the need to place access to health for the electorate as a priority and recognises the importance of direct health funding via the Reserve Bank rather than debt funding which is currently threatening health outcomes and facilities such as the Lumsden birthing unit. She is the candidate for Southland.

CALLAN NEYLON - Kaipara ki Mahurangi

Callan Neylon Publicity.jpg

Callan Neylon is the first of the party’s candidates to be selected for this year’s general election. He has a particular interest in ecology and is strongly opposed to the Chinese Government owned Waste Management Ltd proposal to build a potentially toxic landfill in the Dome Valley, which is just south of Wellsford. He is the candidate for the Kaipara ki Mahurangi electorate. See newspaper clipping here

WINSOME-AROHA - Invercargill


Winsome is a holistic GP who has worked largely as a locum in most parts of the country mainly in Hau Ora and Tangata Pasifika clinics.
She brings a long and deep commitment to health at the grass root level. She has a keen awareness of the effects of poverty and unemployment on health. The affects of the lockdown and threatened closure of the smelter are challenges that require a fresh approach. She intends to focus her efforts on working with the community to achieve better outcomes from these events.
She has had a lifelong interest in education and health and has spent many years providing voluntary tutoring for many disadvantaged youth and also for aspiring health professionals.
Winsome is committed to stopping the ongoing pollution of our whenua and awa (rivers) and the sale of our land and assets to tawiwi (foreign interests).


Brannon Favel Cropped.jpg

Brannon Favel is married with two children. This gives him a sharp focus on what kind or world they are growing up in and what he would like it to be for their long term future. He works in the dairy industry as a hoof care specialist and has a diploma from Utrecht University. His work brings him into daily contact with farmers and he understands the issues facing the farming community. He is passionate about keeping foreign influence out of New Zealand politics and foreign ownership out of New Zealand businesses, particularly agriculture. He is keen to see our network of national parks expanded for flora and fauna conservation. He is standing in Rangitata.


Zariah 2.jpg

Zariah Anjaiya-Winder was born and raised in Taranaki but has made her home in Dunedin. She has spent the last 5 years in medical school and at 23 years old has a keen interest in topics such as philosophy, religion & practical application of spirituality, conscious nutrition, and mind-body-spirit interactions, and has spent time in the performing arts, dance and music.  She’s grown disillusioned with governing bodies and many of our systems. She believes it is the prerogative of all younger generations to identify things that "aren't fair" and to desire and work for something better. She thinks with the current monetary system in place, we are not living, we are surviving. Too many people are worn down and tired from the 8am-5pm grind to make barely enough money to live above 'the line'. She has a vision of streets, not filled with those who have no home, but with those in compassionate service for one another, streets lined with trees, buses filled with people, forests and beaches treated as resting places. She views implementation of Social Credit as a major step to free people so that they can begin to focus on something other than just survival. Zariah is the candidate for Dunedin.

JOHN McCASKEY - Kaikoura

John McCaskey was born and raised in North Canterbury and still lives and farms at Waipara. He instigated the Glenmark Irrigation Scheme in 1974 and founded the world recognised Waipara Valley wine industry in 1981. John is a past chairman of the Young Farmers Club, and Federated Farmers and was its Provincial Agriculture representative.  He is widely travelled having visited China, Mongolia, Russia, most of the EU, Scandiavia, Canada, USA, South Africa & Argentina. He founded the Weka Pass Railway Society in the 1980's and is a passionate campaigner for commuter rail on the existing Christchurch network. Over the past four decades he's borne witness to a country in decay, from once being near the top of the world OECD rankings, and proud of it, to one well and truly beaten to the top spot by the Scandinavians who are now light years ahead in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture. He is determined to reverse that trend. He is the candidate for Kaikoura.



Jason Jobsis.jpg

Jason has spent many years travelling the world on cruise ships in a security role.

He believes his 20-year knowledge of economics and politics would be of benefit in his candidate's role. From a young age he sought to expand his knowledge in world politics and economics. Due to the current world economic crisis, and the many ways this affects New Zealand, he decided do his bit by standing for Social Credit and bringing forward solutions to resolve this ever increasing problem.

Jason would like to focus on investment in regional development to support tourism, industry, access to health care services and the city's un-affordable housing. Reserve Bank of New Zealand funding to build and maintain infrastructure would also be a priority. The party's concept of making the Reserve Bank responsible for ensuring foreign debt was repaid and overseas transactions were in balance also appealed.


Lawrence McIsaac Cropped.jpg

Lawrence McIsaac spent 30 years as a professional firefighter with the NZ Fire Service. His love of driving saw him driving pumps, snorkels, and elevating platforms and he has continued that with stints as a tanker driver for Fonterra, and delivering equipment like graders, diggers, loaders, and a range of other heavy machinery across much of the South Island. He views being trained as a fire fighter to operate under emergency conditions a skill that is hard to replicate, and will be useful on the political platform and in parliament. He is married, has three sons, and is the party’s candidate for Waimakariri.


Grant Crowther 3.jpg

Grant Crowther was raised in Matahina, a forestry village in the Bay of Plenty. Hunting and fishing was an intrinsic part of the small town, close knit, community he grew up in. He worked in Rotorua fabricating logging equipment for the transport industry, and 20 years ago moved to Auckland. “I have watched with growing concern as our country and lifestyle has been incrementally eroded by successive governments, our environment poisoned through the sustained use of toxins, and the introduction of organisms and technologies with what appears to be reckless disregard for the effect on our ecosystems and our health. The ability of individuals and families to enjoy free time has progressively been reduced through rising taxes, cost of living and inflation. I never thought I would step into the political arena, however I feel I can no longer do nothing. Social Credit is a group of like minded Kiwi’s whose policies align with my own values and I believe a vote Social Credit is a vote for Kiwi’s dedicated to making a real change”. Grant is the party’s Mangere candidate.


Bill Rossiter - Northland

Andrew Leitch - Auckland

Mischele Rhodes - Waikato

Barry Pulford - Tukituki


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