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 Social Credit recognises that our remaining indigenous bush must be protected as much as possible from further degradation, and native species of birds and insects given the opportunity to thrive. To achieve that, predators must be brought under control without the use of 1080 which causes unacceptable harm.

  • Where hunting and trapping are practicable, funding will be provided for the employment of fit men and women to do that, at wage rates suitable for the difficulties encountered.


  •  1080 use within any water supply catchment areas or within 700 metres of farmland or publicly accessible areas will be banned.


  •  In the short term, aerial 1080 use will continue only where there are no other practicable control measures for predators.      

  • The aim will be to cease all use of 1080 as soon as possible.


  • For at least five years, we'll fund New Zealand universities to support at least one post graduate study of the higher bush and alpine vegetation and the effects browsing mammals have on it.

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