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We'll put in place

an economic system

that's better for people

and the planet

Chris Leitch - Leader
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Our campaign to keep it operational and our vision for a new technology Green Energy Hub at Marsden Point

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition to ensure it remained in 100 percent  government ownership

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The disruption to councils is unnecessary. Funding using the Reserve Bank is what is needed

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Social Credit on TV1 News at 1%  August Kantar public opinion poll

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Reclaim Our Future

Economic Policy
$20 billion annually funded from the Reserve Bank

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"If this government is serious – and it should be - about supporting economic activity and avoiding deflation by a massive fiscal spending package, financing its package by issuing money in the current circumstances has impeccable support from mainstream economic thinking. The govt should not continue to be prisoners of outmoded, arch-conservative political doctrines."

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“There is an alternative to a strategy based on higher taxes and/or more government
debt - namely, direct, unrepayable funding by the central bank. A transfer from the
central bank to the government.”
“Central banks have the ability to create money.......and credit the government’s account. Money-financed fiscal interventions are a powerful tool.

Paul Keating, former Australian Treasurer, and Prime Minister.

Australia’s Reserve Bank should buy govt bonds directly from Treasury instead of on the secondary market. In a letter  he criticised Australian Reserve Bank officials for lacking the courage to break with economic orthodoxy and to allow monetary financing of deficit spending.

Experts say

"Stop borrowing".

"Use the Reserve Bank

to fund the govt directly"


That's Social Credit policy

to help


Find out how here


"Use New Zealand's

own bank

to fund the Covid19 

rescue package"

See our full page adverts in

major newspapers here

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"The government can borrow from the Reserve Bank. To be technical it's literally borrowing from itself. We just should not close off any [options] just because somebody told us 30 years ago that it was bad."

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"I don’t see why we don’t jump straight to the RBNZ buying bonds from Treasury direct.

"It’s a question of how long do you wait until you get there,” he said, noting that as govts around the world issue bonds to pay for COVID-19, central banks will have to step in and buy these bonds."

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"There's no reason why you don't get the Reserve Bank to effectively print the money and lend it to the government, just as the Reserve Bank did in 1935, when it lent money to the govt to build state houses."

If the bank was going to continue printing money, this should be used to buy more Govt debt [directly] to finance things like building homes and infrastructure

These experts want Government to 'direct fund' the economic rescue package from the Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank has created around $60 billion in new money
in the past 2 years. It's gone to commercial banks and rich investors.

Meanwhile the government will be borrowing up to $204 billion by 2024.
$5 billion every year of your taxes will be paying interest
- providing big profits for bank shareholders and wealthy investors.

The government could access funds direct from the Reserve Bank
at no cost to taxpayers (as recommended by the experts above),
rather than through private sector borrowing.
Your taxes should go into hospitals, schools, poverty reduction,
housing, and infrastructure where they belong.

Reserve Bank bond sales the ultimate in madness
Reserve Bank2.jpg

Having gone halfway to economic madness with its purchase of $53 billion in government bonds (IOUs for government borrowing) from the country’s commercial banks and financial institutions through its Large Scale Asset Purchase programme, the Reserve Bank has now gone the whole hog and decided to sell those bonds to the New Zealand Debt Management Office, a branch of the Treasury which manages the government’s borrowing, which sold those bonds to the commercial banks and financial institutions in the first place.

So the government is going to borrow from other banks and financial institutions so that it can purchase its own debt (bonds/IOUs) from its own bank (Reserve Bank) and pay a higher interest rate than what it’s paying to its own bank now.

Not only that, but the interest the government has been paying to the Reserve Bank generated profits for the Bank which it pays to the government as the owner of the bank. The borrowing was effectively costing taxpayers zero.

That won’t be the case when the government borrows from the commercial banks to buy the bonds the Reserve Bank is selling back to the DMO.

The new borrowing will cost taxpayers plenty.

Social Credit Key Principles
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Businesses owned by Kiwis, employing Kiwis, benefitting Kiwis, looking after our environment

Control of New Zealand's economic affairs recovered and greater political and international independence

With increasing automation, incomes maintained so that all may share the benefits, not just those at the top

Systems and an economy that serve people, not big corporates, overseas owners, and speculators

Every year government wastes $5,000,000,000 of taxpayer's money
paying interest on its borrowing
when that $5 billion could go into things that benefit New Zealanders.
$14 million every day, wasted because the government won't access funds from New Zealand's own bank (the Reserve Bank) at no interest.

Instead it funnels your money into the profits of foreign owned lenders.

We've been right all along about banks creating money. We'll restore that right to the Reserve Bank.

Here's what could be done with that $5 Billion every year
if the government simply used its own bank:
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Support our efforts to create a better New Zealand

for all New Zealanders and for the planet.

Authorised by Callan Neylon, Secretary, 42 Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei

Copyright Social Credit Party 2022

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