"Social Credit
 would enable people

and businesses
to do what’s best for Kiwis,
our country, and our environment"

Chris Leitch - Leader
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Find out more about the High Court review of the Overseas Investment Office decision to grant approval of the takeover of Westland Milk by Inner Mongolian Yili, China's largest dairy processor - 25% owned by the government of China.

And how you can support our campaign against overseas ownership of New Zealand's best agriculture and horticulture.


Businesses owned by Kiwis, employing Kiwis, benefitting Kiwis, looking after our environment

Control of New Zealand's economic affairs recovered and greater political and international independence

With increasing automation, incomes maintained so that all may share the benefits, not just those at the top

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Systems and an economy that serve people, not big corporates, overseas owners, and speculators

Every year government wastes $6,000,000,000 of taxpayer's money
paying interest on its borrowing
when that $6 billion could go into things that benefit New Zealanders.
$16 million every day, wasted because the government won't access the funds it needs from New Zealand's own bank (the Reserve Bank) at no interest.
Instead it funnels your money into the profits of foreign lenders.

We've been right all along about banks creating money. We'll restore that right to the Reserve Bank.

These experts (and many others) say banks create money out of thin air with a few computer keystrokes when they make loans.

Yet our government and councils borrow that 'funny money'. They also source funds from other overseas owned financial institutions. 

"Banks create their own funds, deposits, in the act of lending. This can be verified in many central bank statements"

Michael Kumhof

Senior Research Advisor

Bank of England

Here's what could be done with that $6 Billion every year
if the government simply changed its bank !
 We will  restore the right of the nation to create
its own money for much needed public expenditure,
using New Zealand’s own bank (the Reserve Bank)

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"Hi I'm Cory Aitken and I believe Social Credit's policies are the only way for our rural communities to regain their self worth, and again stand tall after decades of being beaten down."

Cory Aitken

Young Social Credit member

Social Credit has always been way ahead of its time with its ideas, in particular the use of the country's Central Bank - the Reserve Bank - to fund much of the country's development. This concept is being supported internationally by economists, economics professors, world leading financial journalists and a growing body of NZ commentators. Banks like Westpac, ANZ, BNZ, and ASB currently produce 98 percent of the country's money supply when they make loans, creating that money out of thin air. This allows them to generate massive profits which are taken out of the country, adding to our overseas debt. Social Credit would reduce their ability to create so much debt and ensure the creation of our money supply was used to benefit all New  Zealanders. We urge you to look at our other innovative, forward looking policies.
Chris Leitch
Amanda Vickers Deputy Leader

Social Credit policy was way ahead of its time in 1973 and still is!

Support our efforts to create a better New Zealand

for all New Zealanders and for the planet.

Authorised by Anne Leitch, Secretary, 42 Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei


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