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An economic system
that's better for people
and the planet

Every year government wastes $5,000,000,000 of taxpayer's money
paying interest on its borrowing
when that $5 billion could go into things that benefit New Zealanders.
$14 million every day, wasted because the government won't access funds from New Zealand's own bank (the Reserve Bank) at no interest.

Instead it funnels your money into the profits of foreign owned lenders.
Here's what could be done with that $5 Billion every year
if the government simply used its own bank:
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Social Credit Key Principles

Businesses owned by Kiwis, employing Kiwis, benefitting Kiwis, looking after our environment

Control of New Zealand's economic affairs recovered and greater political and international independence

With increasing automation, incomes maintained so that all may share the benefits, not just those at the top

Systems and an economy that serve people, not big corporates, overseas owners, and speculators

Support our efforts to create a better New Zealand

for all New Zealanders and for the planet.

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